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Day! For iPhone: Your Personal Diary Of Activities & Moods Logged On A Calendar

If you are into the habit of diary-writing, there are many iOS apps that might be of interest to you. Other than some really good photo editors already available for iPhone, some apps are designed specifically for letting users maintain their daily journals. Day! is one such app that combines beauty and usefulness in perfect proportions. The app presents you with a calendar, whose looks can be customized in almost every way possible, and is meant to allow users to make a journal entry against each date. The word editor in the app is pretty thorough, letting you attach images, change the text size, font and color of the note, as well as assigning separate moods to each day. There is more to Day! than that, and you can find out all about the app by heading past the break.

Day! Calendar Day! Diary Entry Day! Settings

Using the Day! app is simple. The main screen is comprised of a calendar, and it is possible to change its color or set an image of your choice as its background. To do that, you will have to hit the camera (or color) button located in the upper-right area of the app. You can either choose to set a custom color, or use a background image (but not both simultaneously). However, all this is just for cosmetic purposes, and the app’s real task is to let its users create entries for their daily journal. To do that, hit the first button in the bottom bar, or double-tap the date for which you want to create the entry. Once in the text editor, you can change the entry’s date and assign a mood or weather icon to it, so that you can get a good idea of the conditions of that day, should you ever read your diary after a few years. The editor in Day! also has options for the customization of the entry’s background color and the font of the text. Attaching images with notes is possible too.

Two of the best features of Day! are its password-protection and the ability to export diary entries. A journal is usually a really personal object, and you don’t want anyone to read it, so the app supports the setting up a password of its own. If you ever decide to change your iDevice, or are just afraid of losing your data, there is the Data Export button in the app, using which users can export the entries to Dropbox or email. Overall, if you like to keep a chronological record of thing, Day! is the app you have been looking for. Download it from the following link.

Download Day! – The Best Story of Mine

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