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Decide.com For iPhone Tells You The Right Time To Buy A Gadget

Gone are the days when kids were satisfied in getting stuffed toys and little airplanes as their Christmas gifts. In the modern age, smartphones and gadgets are most in demand. As the holiday season approaches, and with Black Friday just around the corner, the Decide.com app might be just what you need on your iOS device right now. The web service isn’t new, but seeing the iPhone app makes us realize that it should have had an app long ago, as you can carry it with you on your iPad or iPhone while shopping in the electronics market. This app lets users scan barcodes of electronic gadgets, and then gives them advice on whether they should buy the gadget right now or wait for the price to drop.

Decide.com for iOS Decide.com Categories

Decide.com gives you three basic options for finding out all about gadget prices and their analysis. You can Search for a piece of electronic equipment, Browse through different categories to see the latest available deals and their popularity, or you can use the most useful Scan option, which allows you to scan the barcode of any product. To scan, you have to align the red line within the viewfinder with the barcode. Once the product is identified, Decide will tell you all about it.

Decide.com for iOS Wait Decide.com for iOS Buy

The page of the product you choose will show its specs, price and expected fluctuations in its market value. Based on all these factors, Decide calculates whether you should buy the product or wait for a few days. The Wait option is presented when Decide feels that there is possibility of a price drop in the near future. You can even view a detailed graph showing the initial launch price of the gadget and the projected cost drop (or rise) in the future. The primary price that is displayed is online price, but there is also the option to view Nearby Prices for select products. For each product, Decide compares prices offered by different retailers as well. This can help you decide where you should make your purchase.

Decide.com for iOS Products Decide.com for iOS Price Graph Decide.com for iOS Specs

If you aren’t looking for a particular electronic item and just want to get something cool or would like to see a comparison between similar products, simply Browse through the categories (ranging from games to mobile devices and desktop computer components) available in Decide.

Needless to say, Decide.com for iPhone is one handy shopping companion. The app itself is absolutely free. You can grab in from iTunes App Store via the link provided below.

Download Decide.com

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