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Default App Manager – Clear & Set Default Apps For Actions [Android]

Android allows you to choose a default app for a particular action. For instance, you might want to use Swype as your preferred text input method, jetAudio as your chosen music playing app, or MiHome as your default homescreen replacement app. This is a good option to have, but once used, your Android requires the defaults for that particular action to be cleared before any other alternative from that category can be availed. This can become quite a hassle. If you’re looking to manually set default actions for a specific action or category (say camera, messaging or audio files) on your device, then Default App Manager could prove to be the exact solution you’re after. Using Default App Manager, you can easily wipe existing default settings/actions for a specific app category on your device and set new default settings for it. Or simply, you can specify default action for a particular app category as you wish.

Once you are done with installation, just launch the app on your device. Default App Manager’s homescreen displays all the various app categories (including Dialer, PDF, Messaging, Video, Camera, Email, Video Streaming & more) and the current (default) app setting for each.  To clear/set the default app for each category, tap on the relevant (manage) icon next to it’s name. This leads you another screen that displays a list of all the apps that support a chosen category along with the buttons to clear and/or set default settings as required.

If you wish to clear default app settings for a selected category, tap on the Clear Defaults button on this screen. This leads you to the app’s info screen. Navigate your way to the Clear Defaults button under Launch by default and tap on said button to reset the existing settings. Go back to the desired category screen in Default App Manager, tap on Set Defaults and select a (new) preferred app for that particular category. Setting default action for unspecified categories is even easier. Just tap on the settings (manage) button of the desired category, hit the Set Defaults button and pick an app of your choice.

Default App Manager is available in the Android Market absolutely free of cost, and can be downloaded via the download link provided below.

For step-by-step instructions about installing and using Default App Manager, check out the video tutorial (as seen on the app’s Market page) provided below.

Download Default App Manager for Android


  1. its a great app!! I alwys find it frustating to go all the way into the settings to clear defaults.. now I can manage evrything frm this app!! great work developers!!

  2. Its a must have!! Eliminates all the hassles of managing set defaults.. saves a lot of time…keep up the great work!! Explore more similar Innovative apps…

  3. I have used this application and it is awesome. Don’t know how developers missed out on such an app previously. This app has got rid of all the hassles and made reseting defaults very, very easier. And its free !! I would buy its paid version just to support these developers if its available.

  4. Awesome application. Gave it 5 stars right away..AddictiveTips did a great job sharing it..hope it reaches out to many…

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