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Delete Multiple Notes At A Time From Your iPhone/ iPad [Cydia Tweak]

In recent days, we’ve come across quite a  few tweaks that, like the previously reviewed MultiIconMover, are focused on bringing multiple selection to different areas of iOS. If you’re used to desktop operating systems, then you are sure to miss this minor feature (multi-select) as it really does add a lot of convenience and efficiency to your routine tasks. But apparently, it’s not really popular with Apple as barely anywhere on an iPhone or iPad will you find the option to select multiple items in one go. But that’s what Cydia is for. What the App Store ignores, Cydia embraces. MultiNoteDelete is a tweak which brings multi select to the stock Notes app. If you are a regular user of Apple’s note-taking app, and have got quite a lot entries stored in the app, you are sure to find the lack of multi-select in the Notes app a little annoying, and that is the issue addressed by MultiNoteDelete.

Selected Notes MultiNoteDelete

All this tweak does is adding a new button in the Notes list menu. Apart from that, you won’t see any difference after its installation as it does not add an icon or Settings menu entry to your device. The button added to the Notes menu is labeled Edit. If you have more than one note saved on your device and hit that button, rounded check boxes will appear next to each note’s name. Tapping each check box will mark it with a red sign. Seeing the nature of the tweak, you must have guessed already that it has to add a few extra UI elements to the stock Notes app. The changes aren’t too glaring at first glance, but they are there nonetheless. The highlight color of notes on the main list page is changed by MultiNoteDelete, and you will get a darker shade whenever more than one notes are selected.

Once you have chosen all the items you want to delete, just hit the delete button followed by Done. You can delete notes in bulk in this way. The tweak is free and you can grab it in the Big Boss repo at Cydia. The tweak can be of use to anyone who employs the Notes app as a regular means of saving short notes on their jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The tweak solves a problem that has forced a lot of people to turn to third-party apps for iOS.

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