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Dell Streak ROM Ported To HTC HD2

Dell Streak Port on HTC HD2 AndroidSaw the awesome new Dell Streak with its large screen and pretty neat custom Android skin? Craving for that UI but don’t wanna shell out $$$ to buy it? If you’ve got an HTC HD2, you’re in luck! The Dell Streak ROM has been ported to the HD2 so you can have the same interface on your HD2 by installing it on your device. Read on for more information and installation details.

With its 5” screen, the Dell Streak Android smartphone comes with an interface to make the best use of all those extra pixels. With its 4.3″ screen, the HD2 isn’t exactly a dwarf either and the standard Android ROMs available for it don’t usually make the best possible use of all that screen real estate. Now you can have Dell Streak’s interface on your HTC HD2 running Android, courtesy m-deejay at XDA-Developers.

Please note that this is an experimental port and several features are not working. Use it at your own risk and contact the developer in case of any issues, at the XDA-Developers forum thread link given at the end.

Currently working features include Phone, Audio, 3G Internet (PPP), Video playback including 720p, SMS, Mail, Social etc, and 3D games.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera/Camcorder, Display Settings, and GPS are not working at the moment. The G-Sensor has been made to work by the developer but is disabled due to stability issues.

The developer of this ROM needs other developers to work on it as well so if you are a developer, head over to the ROM’s thread and join in. To download the test release of this ROM, use the link given below. Several forum users have reported successful flashing of the ROM to their devices but as all these hacks go, your mileage may vary.

Update: Unfortunately, this ROM seems to be no longer available. The file has been taken down from the download server, and the forum thread is no longer accessible at XDA. Besides, it was based on an old version of Android and you should now consider installing one based on one of the latest versions of Android.

Download test build of Dell Streak ROM for HTC HD2

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