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Denso For iPhone: An App To Let You Find & Download Interesting Videos

Denso is an iOS app for iPhone and iPad which lets users view videos without having to search for a particular topic. You may think of it as an online video magazine, but not quite. There’s a lot more to Denso than that. It not only supports offline viewing of videos, but also comes with the option to view and comment on videos from your Facebook and Twitter contacts. There are so many time-wasters out there, Denso can be considered one of them, but it is an informative time-waster.


For using Denso, you have two options. You can either create a Denso account and link your Facebook and Twitter profiles with it, or you can enjoy watching videos even without the need to do that. If you want to check Denso out without an account, just tap “More” at the start screen. This will take you to the list of video channels officially supported by Denso. One minor hiccup is that you can download videos only from these channels, and not the ones found through the Discovery search box.

While browsing and viewing Denso’s catalog doesn’t require an account, downloading videos needs one. Creating an account is easy and simply requires your e-mail ID and a new password. After that, you can watch a video from one of the officially added channels, and by tapping “Watch later”, you can save the video for offline viewing. You can also view videos in full screen mode with Denso. Besides browsing the channels, you can also view videos in different categories like Sports, Comedy ,etc.

Probably the coolest feature offered by this free app is the playing of videos shared by your Facebook and Twitter friends. Not only can you watch them, you can also comment on those videos right from within the app. If you really like a video you see on Denso, there is of course the option to share it with your own social network.

Denso is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, and will run on any device running iOS 4 or later. It is the kind of app that will keep you coming back day after day. You can grab it at the link provided below.

Download Denso

[via AppAdvice]

 Update: The app has been renamed to Vidyou now, but the core functionality of it remains unchanged. Some of the positives in the new update include Instapaper integration and the addition of Evernote sharing.

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