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Desk Migrate Copies Other Launchers’ Home Screens To GO Launcher EX [Android]

Home screen replacement apps are available in the Android Market in abundance, and you’re bound to stumble upon a few that look promising enough to be staying on your device for a rather prolonged time period. While checking out various launchers is perfectly normal in the Android ecosystem, the problem, however arises when you contemplate making a switch to a newer alternative, but just do not want to go through the tedious process of embellishing the new home screen with the same set of goodies that you had on your abandoned launcher. How about an app that supports copying content from one launcher to another? Desk Migrate is an Android app that allows users to import/copy home screens from other launchers to everyone’s favorite GO Launcher EX. By importing home screens to GO Launcher, you can always enjoy your most cherished home screen replacement app without modifying its original layout while at the same time, making extensive use of home screens elements from other launchers.

Upon launch, Desk Migrate inquires about the launcher that you would like to copy. Once you’ve make your selection from a list of available launchers, Desk Migrate will copy all the home screens from that particular launcher along with the arrangement of app shortcuts on them to GO Launcher. Note that any personalized widgets from a selected launcher are not imported by Desk Migrate. Apart from that, the app has been designed in a way to not just allow users import content from one launcher to the other, but place everything in exactly the position where it belonged to in the original launcher. In case of widgets, you’ll have to reinstall them from scratch.

Desk Migrate has been developed to work only with GO Launcher EX and supports copying from only a handful of launchers. The concept itself is unique in its own respect but there surely is a scope for massive improvement such as support for other launchers, importing selective features of a particular launcher and more.

Disk Migrate was tested on our HTC Desire Z with as many as 7 different launchers but the app seemed to support just a couple of them namely ADW Launcher and Nemus Launcher.

All said, Desk Migrate is an app worth trying despite all its limitations. To check how the concept of migrating/copying home screens from one launcher to another works, you can download and try Desk Migrate.

Download Desk Migrate for Android

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