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Device Reset: Get A Reboot & Reset Menu On Your WP7 [Homebrew]

If you are a Windows Phone 7 user, then you should know that there is just one option to reboot your device, and that is to hold down the power button. If you want a streamlined method of restarting or resetting your device, then you are in luck if you have an unlocked Mango phone. Device Reset is a homebrew app that has been developed in a pretty minimalistic fashion, but it could prove to be a nice addition to your WP7 arsenal. The app provides a pretty easy and convenient way of replicating the functionality of the Power button on your device, without having to mess with any of the actual hardware buttons. This new Homebrew ensures that users get an on-device method for resetting their WP7.

Device Reset Shutdown Device Reset Soft Reset Device Reset Hard Reset

Device Reset just has three options, Shutdown, Soft reset and Hard reset. If you don’t want to press the power button to switch off your phone, then the first option is enough to serve your purpose. The other two options are even more useful than the first. A soft reset will just reboot your device, without making you lose any data, or waiting for the device to go blank before it can come back to life. The third option is to perform a hard reset on your device. This option can come in handy if you want to sell your phone, or revert it back to factory settings for any reason. The factory restore option in the Settings menu of WP7 performs a pretty similar function, but Device Reset’s hard reset is perfect for getting your device’s ROM in the exact state it originally was.

However, there are a few problems faced by users of the current version of this homebrew, and many have complained that the hard reset does not work properly. According to the developer, the issue will be addressed in future updates of Device Reset. You can download the homebrew and learn more about it by heading to the XDA forum thread for Device Reset.

Update: The hard reset option has been taken down completely, but the app has improved in almost all other areas. You can now pin individual actions to the Start screen of your WP7, and to prevent accidental commencement of actions, a double-tap has been made necessary to instigate any action. Apart from that, the Device Reset now also adheres to the current theme and accent color rather than coming up with a blank background.

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