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Dictate Your Tweets To Siri With Sireet [Cydia Tweak]

It hasn’t been too long since the A5 jailbreak came out, but tweaks related to Siri are pouring in thick and fast already. A few days back, we covered SiriToggles, a tweak which brings a lot of new features to iPhone’s voice assistant. However, there are many other Cydia tweaks which have been released to perform some specific tasks on A5 iOS devices. Seeing the level of integration that iOS 5 enjoys with Twitter, it only makes sense that developers have been quick to link Siri and Twitter with each other (it is a surprise that the folks over in Apple didn’t think of this functionality themselves). Sireet is a new Cydia tweak that allows Siri users to tweet by dictating anything to Siri. You just have to say one word, and Siri will get ready to accept your dictation, and then send it as a new Twitter update, all in one step!

The tweak is available in the ModMyi repo, and you can install it by going to the Cydia store. Sireet is available as a free download, for now at least. Once you have installed the tweak, no new icon will be added to the Springboard of your iDevice, while the new menu added in the Settings app’s Extensions tab does not have any options, but just the contact info of the developer of Sireet.

Sireet Tweet Sireet Cydia

To use Sireet, just launch Siri and say “Tweet” followed by whatever you would like to post as your Twitter update. The tweak could have been better if it was designed to ask for some sort of confirmation before posting the tweet, as in its present state, you can’t even make sure that Siri has understood what you said correctly. There is no exception handling for the scenario when there is no Twitter client set up for your device. Sireet won’t let you know that the tweet has not been sent to any account, so make sure that you have the Twitter app installed on your iPhone before your try to dictate your tweet to Siri. Even without the app, if you are signed in to Twitter from Safari, the tweet can be posted.

Sireet can use a big update (preferably one that makes Siri ask for conformation before posting the tweet), but even in its current state, the tweak works pretty well, and as it won’t cost you a thing, it can’t hurt to give Sireet a try.

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