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Disable iAds: Block iAds In iPhone & iPad Apps [Cydia Tweak]

Despite knowing all the importance of a particular object, you might still want to get rid of it. Ads are one such article which are a part of our daily lives, keep a lot of ventures up and running, but still prove to be a nuisance for users. You will know what we are talking about here if you have ever accidentally touched the top bar of your iPhone’s screen while playing Paper Toss and have a perfectly good game disrupted. So if you are a jailbroken iOS user, Disable iAds will make sure that you don’t suffer because of ads ever again.

Ads EnabledDisable iAdsAds Diabled

If you search for this tweak in your Cydia store, you probably won’t find it straight away. That’s because it is present in one of the lesser known repos named Kokoabim. So first of all you have to add that repo to your Cydia sources (https://apt.kokoabim.com/ios). Head over to this Kokoabim tutorial to add the repo if you are new to Cydia and don’t know how to add new repos to your store.

Once you have done that, simply search for “Disable iAds” and install the tweak. It has no interface either as a Springboard icon or in the Settings menu. The tweak just takes effect once you re-spring your device after installation. If it does not, you might have to restart your device to make it work. The result is as promised, which you can see in the screenshot above.

The tweak is free and being completely unobtrusive, certainly warrants a try.


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