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How To Prevent Accidental Launch Of Notification Center While Playing Games On Your iPhone

No one likes to be disturbed while they are annihilating zombies on their iPhone, or attacking pigs with livid birds on iPad. However, the fact remains that no matter how hard you try, there is always something ready to nag you during your game time. If not from an external source, your iDevice might decide to troll you all of a sudden. One occurrence which has annoyed users ever since iOS 5 was released is the accidental launch of Notification Center while playing games on their iPhone. Mercifully, Apple has ensured that you need to swipe down on the status bar twice if you want to go to the Notification Center while in a full screen app or game, but this only acts to reduce the probability of the release and does not end it altogether. So, if this happens while you are playing a game, it leads to a disruption of your flow, and if you are playing online, you will most probably be disconnected from the server. Finally, one developer over at the Cydia store has resolved this problem with the release of a new SBSettings toggle named DisableNC. With this tweak, you can make sure that NC never rears its rather handsome head while you are playing a game.

DisableNC SBSettings Cydia DisableNC SBSettings Toggle

DisableNC is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, but before you download it, make sure that your device has got SBSettings installed. The toggle, once installed, won’t make any changes to to the Springboard or Settings app of your iDevice. To configure DisableNC, follow these steps.

  1. Launch SBSettings.
  2. Tap the More button in from among the options in the bottom row.
  3. Here, enable the DisableNC toggle.
  4. The new button will now appear in the main menu of SBSettings, and by enabling the DisableNC toggle, you can ensure that NC stays put when you are in full screen mode within a game.

Notification Center will, of course, continue to work in all other areas of iOS when you are not playing a game even if the DisableNC button is active. The tweak is an extremely handy one if you are an iOS gamer, and comes for free on top of that, so do give it a try and you just might find it a perfect addition to your SBSettings arsenal. There are are many other tweaks like DisableNC as well, but the uniqueness and usefulness of of this tweak lies in the fact that it can be accessed via a gesture-based SBSettings toggle.

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