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DisableLaunch: Toggle Password On Apps With Activator Gestures [Cydia]

In today’s world, a phone has become the extension of your personality, and that’s why most users have become pretty privacy-conscious. You never want another person to start delving too deep into your phone. Of course, there is the passcode on the lockscreen which can be used a primary security measure, but it’s always nice to have an extra layer of security. That’s exactly what DisableLaunch does, and if you have this Cydia tweak installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can lock all the app icons on the Springboard of your iOS device. This might sound a bit annoying, and that’s why you can define an Activator gesture for toggling the password protection on and off.

DisableLaunch Settings DisableLaunch Password DisableLaunch Cydia

DisableLaunch is available in the BigBoss repo within the Cydia store, and you can grab it as a free download. After its installation, the tweak will not add any new icon to the Springboard of your device, and all the changes and additions are made within the stock Settings app, where a new menu for the tweak appears under Extensions. In the Settings menu for Disable Launch, there are two sections. First of all, you have to enable the tweak, and choose an Activator gesture to lock or unlock the app icons on the Springboard. Once you have done that, there is the option to set a password, which you will be required to input each time you want to enable or disable the lock. You can set the password in the Authentication section.

After all the above stated changes have been made, go to the Springboard of your iPhone, and perform the gesture you chose for activation. Doing so brings up the password screen, and once the correct password is entered, all app icons are disabled and tapping them won’t do anything. The same gesture has to be performed in order to enable the icons, which once again requires the input of the password. The security offered by DisableLaunch is not complete in any way, and a user can still delete an app even when the icons are in locked state. Also, it is possible to launch an app from the task switcher tray without having to enable the icon usage.

Not a perfect security solution, but DisableLaunch can come in handy if you want to protect your privacy from casual trespassers, or if you have got naughty kids. In any case, the tweak is free, and it can’t hurt to give it a try.


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