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Discover Interesting Titles On iBooks Using Book Wall For iPhone/ iPad

Reading books on your iOS device might not be the most most popular reason for buying an iPhone or iPad, but the fact of the matter is, there are many people who use these gadgets for reading eBooks, and the existence of Apple’s iBooks is a testament to that. Like any good real-life bookstore, iBooks offers a huge amount of choice to its users, and there are thousands of titles available. Due to the presence of so many books in the virtual store, it isn’t easy to decide which ones you should buy. That is why Book Wall can prove to be a really useful addition to the app list of your iDevice, as using this remarkable app, you can discover the books which are currently available in the iBooks store, and it comes with a lot of customizable filters for finding the book you are exactly looking for.

Book Wall iOS Book Wall List Book Wall Filters

Using Book Wall is really simple, and there is no signing up required to enter the app. By default, the app will launch in the wall menu, which means that popular titles are displayed as tiles, showcasing their name and the cover on the main page. It is, however, possible to view the books as a list too. To do so, you will have to tap the arrow button located in the bottom right corner of the main page. In the same menu, you can set up Book Wall’s extremely thorough and useful filters. The books displayed on the app’s wall can be sorted on the basis of maximum price, maximum star rating or the genre they belong to.

Tapping any books you find in Book Wall will take you to their description page within the app, and from there, it is possible to navigate straight to iBooks (if you have it installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch). To be perfectly honest, Book Wall does not bring anything to the mix that you cannot get straight via iBooks and its filters, but the way it presents the data makes it a good app to have on your iDevice. It is one of those apps that really makes you want to read a book, even if you haven’t read for quite a while. If you are a fan of reading books on your iPhone or iPad, Book Wall is a must-have, specially given the fact that it is available as a free download over at the iTunes App Store.

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