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Discover Like-Minded People Near You With ShoutFlow For iPhone

Most of us have Facebook accounts to stay in touch with our friends and family (or sometimes to expand our professional circle), as in today’s world, it has become almost impossible to live without social media. But even if you have hundreds of people already added as your Facebook friends, chances are that most of them live far away and you are left looking for the right person whenever you want to just hang out with a buddy. ShoutFlow is the perfect app for iOS users who find themselves in the aforementioned scenario. This app lets you discover strangers near your present location and helps you connect with them after getting consent from both the involved parties.


The app has deep integration with Facebook, which means you don’t need a separate account for logging in to ShoutFlow. This is a huge positive, as many apps require you to sign up for an account of their own and it becomes really difficult when you have to remember 20 different passwords (or you could always take the unsafe approach of using one password for all accounts).

Even before logging in, you are shown suitable matches near you based on how geographically and mentally close they are to you. To view any person’s profile, you need to log in to your Facebook account.

Location SettingsMy Profile

Like FB is based on the question “What’s on your mind?”, ShoutFlow just asks you “Would You hangout with this person?” If your answer is yes, then the app will wait for the other person’s consent. If they say yes too, then both of you can contact each other via ShoutFlow messages. If you are curious as to what people are like you even if they are not in your area at present, then you can easily change your location by hitting the “Near Me” button.

Peaple nearbyMessagesResponse

You can invite your FB friends to join ShoutFlow too. That way, your scope of discovery will increase a great deal. Once you are allowed to contact a person, you can say Hi or send a full custom message to them. The Shoutout feature of the app lets you tell all your friends about your discoveries and interests. You can even edit your Facebook profile from within ShoutFlow.

So if you are not satisfied with your current social network and want to make interesting additions to it, ShoutFlow is the app for you. The app is available for free on the iTunes App Store (link provided below).

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