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Discover Music The Fun Way With Song Mix For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Most of us like playing video games on our mobile phones, and even more of us are in love with music. Song Mix is an iOS app that combines these two areas of entertainment into one, and the outcome is pretty cool if you ask us. Using this fun app, not only can test your knowledge of music, but also discover new songs. The game/app asks you to guess the artist of a particular song by playing a short snippet from it.

To get things started, Song Mix gives you a short tutorial on how it works. You are also prompted to link the app with your Game Center account to make using Song Mix an even more enjoyable experience. If you have your Facebook and Twitter accounts connected to Song Mix, all your game scores will be published to those accounts automatically.

Song Mix iOS Song Mix iOS Homepage Song Mix iOS Settings

The app is free and fully functional. However, after an in-app purchase of $0.99, you can get additional game modes and music genres. With the free version of the app, you can only choose between 2 genres; pop and house. A similar restriction is applied to the Genre section where you are only allowed to play the Time Attack mode, with other modes only available in the Pro version of the app.

Song Mix iOS Game Song Mix iOS Results

In the timed mode of the game, you get a total of 3 minutes, with 10 seconds to guess each song. The app prompts you to choose from a list of four different artists as soon as a song snippet begins playing. If you choose the correct option, the game progresses to the next song; if you don’t, it keeps counting down till the ten seconds expire or you tap the correct answer. The more times you get the answer wrong for a single song, the less score you get. If you happen to like a song that you come across during the game, you can tap the star button to add it to your favorites list for viewing after the game is over. When time runs out, the app displays your final score along with a list of all the songs played during the game. On the same screen, you have the option to buy each of the played songs.

Song Mix is a fun way of discovering old and new music. If you grow bored of the free version, you can upgrade to the Pro variant for more game modes. The game becomes even more amusing when you integrate it with Game Center and compete against your friends.

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