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DishPal: Share & View Photos Of Food, Keep Culinary Journals [iOS]

There are a lot of social networks in today’s cyber world, and almost as many social apps in iOS App Store. The genre has become so crowded that now there are separate social apps for different fields, and one such category is food. There are quite a lot of food-related iPhone and iPad apps which we have already covered, like Evernote Food and Forkly, but none as beautiful and comprehensive as DishPal. To better understand the app, you can think of it as Instagram for food. However, DishPal is not just about photo sharing, as the app boasts a couple of more features as well. Using it, you can create food-related journals so that you can let your contacts know what you ate and when you ate, complete with photos. Using DishPal users can not only discover new dishes, but the app offers different tags which can be used to find the exact category of food one is looking for.

DishPal tags

You can perform most of the tasks related to DishPal without having to sign up for a new account, but if you want to enjoy the app fully, you will have to log in using your Facebook ID. The main page of DishPal lists the trending food photos which have been posted in the past few hours. It is possible to switch between popular and recent feed using the button present in the top left of the main screen. Whenever you tap a photo you like on the homepage of DishPal, the app shows you the full-sized image, along with the ratings and comments it has received. The dishes which have received positive feedback from other users have got exclusive badges, and it is possible to view the related points for any photo by tapping the 3 dots icon.

DishPal badgesDishPal features tags against photos, and you can view all photos filed under a particular tag with a single touch. Like Instagram, DishPal has got a few good filters as well which you can apply to your own food photos before uploading them to the app. To share photos, you will have to be signed in. DishPal has a menu named Potluck Party, which features different albums having a variety of themes and it is possible to post entries of your own to any public Potluck Party.

DishPal magzineUsing DishPal users can maintain food journals of their own, and that can be done by assigning a new title to an album and then uploading related photos to it. The Facebook integration of DishPal makes the app a social network app as well as a photo sharing hub. The app has been around for the iPhone for quite a while, but recently its iPad version has been launched as well, and you can grab the app for free from the links below.

Download DishPal (iPhone)

Download DishPal (iPad)

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