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Display An Album Art HUD Every Time The Song Changes [Cydia]

When it comes to looks, iOS is a pretty neat platform, and its interface is one of its major selling points. To complement the stock interface, there is a plethora of themes and other cosmetic tweaks in the Cydia store which serve the purpose of letting users give a personal touch to their iPhone, and also make the device look more beautiful. Hud is one such tweak, and although it’s not a theme or custom font for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, it still goes a long way towards making your iDevice look better. Hud will flash a heads-up display on your device’s screen every time a new song starts. The HUD will consist of the album art associated with the new song, as well as the volume level currently set on the iPhone. Of course, the name of the new song will be displayed as well, and the tweak makes a push notification appear at the start of each new song.

HUD Music Hud Cydia

The Hud tweak takes effect immediately after its installation, and you don’t have to configure and set up anything. Just start playing music, and every time a new song starts, the HUD will show up. The tweak will work no matter in which part of iOS you currently are, and which app is running at present. There is just one exception to this rule, as no HUD will be displayed if you are in the stock Music app, or when the device is locked. These omissions make sense, as you won’t need a thumbnail in any of those states.

The HUD added to the screen consists of the album art of the song, along with its complete name and the volume at which the music is being played. Hud is available at the ModMyi repo in the Cydia store, and you can download it for free if you are looking to freshen things up a bit cosmetically. Of course, Hud won’t work too well for songs that do not have any album art associated with them, and you are bound to get the feeling that just a simple volume HUD is displayed on your screen, but with the song name. Some people might argue that the Hud tweak could have been even better if it showed other info as well, rather than just the song name, but the tweak’s simplicity is one of the things that make it look like a native feature of iOS rather than something imposed on the interface.

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