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DLTTR For Android, iOS: Bulk Delete Tweets From A Selected Time Period

With literally millions of tweets flying by every passing second across its globally expanded network, Twitter has to be lauded as a truly addictive micro-blogging platform that can entice even the mildest of the users towards sharing each and every memorable moment/event of their lives with the world. Having said that, you might, at some stage of your life, come across some of your earlier tweets that make you regret sharing them, or might have gotten posted accidentally, and now you may want to delete them then and there. While the Twitter website and its official mobile clients are good at letting you delete one tweet at a time, what if you were to delete all your tweets in bulk at once? What if you wished to delete all your tweets posted in, say, just the past hour, day, week, or the entire collection of tweets that you’ve posted ever since registering with Twitter? If you’re an Android or iOS user, all you need to do is install Delete Tweets: DLLTR on your device, and delete the entire bunch of tweets that you’ve posted over the past hour, day, week, month or ever since you got hooked on to the Twitter network. The app supports handling multiple Twitter accounts at once, and cleaning the history of tweets from a selected time period with DLTTR is as easy as one-two-three.

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The need to delete your tweets from a selected time frame can arise for a variety of reasons, and this is where this app comes in handy. For instance, should you intend to easily and instantly clean up your Twitter account of all the junk that you’ve posted so far, DLTTR is the way to go. Consider, for a moment, posting a plethora abusive tweets during last month’s sports competition to sledge your opponent team’s supporters, but now that you’re back in your senses, you regret doing that and want to delete it all from your Twitter Timeline? DLTTR is the solution! You wish to hand over your personal Twitter account to a friend/spouse of yours in a neat and clean form, DLTTR is there to lend help.

Using the app is no rocket science at all. Once installed, the app requires you to authorize it to access your twitter account(s). Once past that, you’re taken to another screen from where you can select the exact time period for which you wish to delete the record of all the posted tweets. Make your choice and hit the big red DELETE TWEETS button to execute the command. Once the tweets are deleted, the app updates your Twitter Timeline with a confirmation tweet regarding the success of the action.

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The issue, however, with DLTTR is that it offers you no control over the selection of tweets that you want to delete or retain. All you are offered with is the option to select from a time span for which the entire stream of tweets will be deleted, even if you wish to retain particular tweet(s) from that specific time period. Another issue is the announcement of the deletion that the app posts to your timeline at the completion of its operation, which will inadvertently advertise to the whole world that you tried to hide something.

Available as a free app in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store, Delete Tweets: DLTTR lets you effectively delete tweets only from the past hour or day. To avail further options to delete tweets, you must upgrade to the Pro version of the app for $1.99, which can be done through in-app purchase.

Download Delete Tweets: DLTTR For Android

Download Delete Tweets: DLTTR For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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