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Do Date: Your Personal Event Reminder & Scheduler [iPhone]

The stock Reminders app in iOS is pretty good, and so are many of the third-party reminder and scheduling apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However, there are times when you are not looking for glitz and glamour, and just want a simple app which gets the job done without putting you through a lot of complications. Do Date is one such app, and has a really simple purpose. The app will let you plan your day, and then send you push notifications at a predefined time to remind you of everything you are supposed to do that day.

Do Date Event Do Date iPhone Do Date Settings

After you have downloaded Do Date, the first step is to start creating events. To do that, go to the Add Date section, and specify the name of the reminder in the textbox given at the top of he screen. If it isn’t already on, toggle on the notification button, as that is the whole purpose of the app. Once you have done all that, the next step is to set the date of the event, and then hit the Save button. This will add the event to the Do Dates section of the app. You can make changes to, or delete, any event from the homepage using the Edit button.

When you go to the Settings menu of Do Date, you can toggle notifications, and there are also options to change the date and time formats. There is just one time of the day on which Do Date sends out all its push notifications, and you can choose that time in Settings (12:01 AM y default). To take full advantage of the app, don’t forget to turn on push notifications for Do Date in the stock Settings app of your iDevice.

The app is available as a free download in the App Store, and you can grab it from the link given below.



Download Do Date


 Update: The app appears to have become unavailable in the iOS App Store (in the US at least) for some unknown reason. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of good alternatives available for Do Date. If you are looking for a nice scheduler app for iPhone, give Schedule Planner a try. The app comes with Google and iOS calendar integration, and using it you will be able to keep your day planner up to date on the go. Not only that, Scheduler Planner also displays all your to-do lists in a graphical form, making everything easier to follow.

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