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Do For iPhone: Manage Your Projects & Collaborate With Team Members

If you have ever been to a job interview, you must know how much emphasis most organizations put on teamwork and the capability to manage a group of people working on a particular project. They do so for good reason. Project management isn’t an easy task, after all. To keep track of who is supposed to do what at a given time can get you in a spot of bother, and that’s why a little assistance in that regard is always welcome. Do is a web service meant to assist you in managing projects and collaborating effectively and without hassle with all your team members. The service has been around for quite a while, but now you can use it on the go with the official Do client for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Do for iOS Do for iOS Home

The biggest drawback of the Do app is that it is invite-only, that is, if you don’t already have an account for the web service. For us, the invite request was entertained after a wait of 4 days. If you already have an account on the service, you can log in to the app.

Do is basically designed to manage and create two things. The first is obviously Projects, while the other is Notes. If you want, you can create a new Task or a whole new project simply by tapping the little ‘+’ button at the bottom of the app’s homescreen. Once a project has been created, you can add multiple team members to it, and associating a number of Tasks with a particular project.

Do for iOS Project Do for iOS Notes

The app allows you to search through your own data as well as the projects in which you have been tagged by other users. It serves as a mailbox for your projects as well. You can receive all the communication from other project members in the Incoming section.

The data you add to the app is automatically synced with the web service. Even if you are not a part of a project, you can request its admin to let you subscribe to it. This can be done from within the app’s Subscribers section.

Although the invite-only restriction is pretty annoying, one can only hope that this condition will be removed once the app leaves it’s testing phase. The app is available for free on the iTunes App Store. Hit the link provided below to head over to its download page.

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