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Dolphin Browser HD 6.0 Beta For Android Adds Web Magazine Feature

The Dolphin Browser dev team has released a beta for the newest version of their acclaimed Android browser, adding to its long list of handy features, the option to view select supported websites in a magazine-like format. Yes, almost like Flipboard for the iPad. Said feature, called Webzine, extracts text and images from articles and feed items on a website and arranges them in a uni-column format suitable for reading off a mobile device. However, unlike Flipboard, the feature only shows you a preview/excerpt of each article, providing you with a (View All) link to associated websites for the rest. The current version only includes Facebook and Twitter Webzines. Support for more websites will be included in future updates.


More than an easy way to read online articles, the new Webzine feature is a quick way to browse through your social media timelines and/or your favorite websites and find articles/items that you want to read/explore. You can sift through websites or switch between individual articles by swiping up and down or across the screen The feature integrates very nicely with Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to Like and Comment on wall posts, Retweet and Reply to tweets or share both via email.

Below each tweet/wall post the the browser displays a roll of profile images that have retweeted or commented on an item. Tapping it displays said retweets/comments, allowing you to post your own.


You can grab the beta for free from the Android Market via the provided link or QR code. Installing v6.0 beta will not replace the previous version of the browser.

Download Dolphin Browser v6.0 Beta


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