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Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 For Android Public Beta Released

The new and improved version 5.0 of the highly acclaimed Dolphin Browser HD for Android, which was released as a private beta about a week ago, just went public. In addition to a UI overhaul, the new version brings a built-in Speed Dial page, a Quick menu in the bookmarks bar (sports shortcuts to key options) and the option to add sub folders to the list of bookmarks. Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 beta is available for download from the Dolphin browser’s blog.

For those unfamiliar with Dolphin Browser, it is one of the most downloaded and crowd-favorite alternative web browsers for Google’s mobile operating system, Android. The app is known for a slew of options that include tabbed browsing, comprehensive bookmarks manager, theme-able UI, gesture-based navigation, native download manager, add-on support, landscape/portrait orientation support, and atop all that, a super speedy overall web browsing capabilities. The current release, as stated on the browser’s blog, has been made even faster and much more stable than the private beta. However, it is still unclear whether it is any faster than the version currently available on the Android Market 4.6.1.


Another thing that goes in favor of Dolphin Browser is that, with each subsequent update, it just keeps growing ever so reminiscent of Google Chrome for desktop computers, adding plenty of nifty tools that aim to expedite Android users’ web browsing. In fact, we might as well call it the Google Chrome for Android devices till the real thing comes out (if ever). Update: The official Google Chrome browser for Android is out now; it’s even better than whatever you would’ve expected it to be, and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The revamped user interface is a definite improvement over the old one and the option to add subfolders to the Bookmarks list (Menu > New Folder while in Bookmarks) is a welcome addition.

But perhaps the most significant highlight of the new version is the built-in Speed Dial page. Said page (unlike the Dolphin Speed Dial add-on that had to be opened separately from the toolbar) appears whenever a new tab is opened and allows you to quickly access your favorite sites (Speed Dial), view and open your Most visited pages and reopen the last closed tab (Undo), providing you with a faster, more convenient browsing experience.


You may download the public beta from link provided below.

Download Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 Beta1

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