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Dolphin Browser Released For iPad With Some Minor Changes

A great alternative for Safari on iPhone and one of the best browsers on Android platform, MoboTap’s Dolphin Browser, was released for iPad yesterday. Dolphin is the first gesture based browser on the iPad with some new added features compared to its iPhone’s version. You might have already read our review of Dolphin Browser for iPhone. This version for iPad is not that much changed except for some little tweaks. Along with the gesture-based browsing, this browser has a Webzine feature, which is basically a built-in elegant RSS reader. It also has a speed dial feature on the new tab/home page along with tabbed browsing. Details of the new features and changes after the break.


Tab Bar

The shortcuts that were present in the right side bar of the iPhone version have been replaced by a Tab bar in iPad version. This bar lists all the opened tabs and easily let us close as well as reload them. It also lets us open a new tab by tapping the plus (+) icon on the top. This feature can be handy in situations where we have a large number of tabs opened and it’s hard for us to tap on the cross (x) with our finger in order to close the tab. Sliding towards left still takes us to our Bookmarks bar where we can browse through our history and bookmarked URLs.


New Tab

In the iPhone version, you had to swipe left on the new tab screen to access the Webzine screen. Dolphin Browser HD has both WebZine and Speed Dial on the same page. This might be a step to cover the large empty area in the iPad compared to a small screen of an iPhone. Speed Dial lets us add our favorite sites on its line up so we can easily access them with just a tap rather than typing their long URLs in the address bar. The Webzine feature provides you with a magazine-like interface to read through your favorite websites.



In our review of the iPhone version, we told you that the browser is very similar to Chrome in looks. The iPad version has taken it a step further by moving all the extra feature buttons towards the right of the address bar from their previous placement that was underneath the page in the iPhone version. The gesture features is, once again, a step towards minimizing the time consumed in typing a site’s URL but this feature doesn’t open a site with a Tap, instead it brings out the artist inside you to draw the gesture that you have assigned to a site in the settings. By default, you have ‘G’ for Google.com, ‘F’ for Facebook and ‘T’ for Twitter.com along with other default gestures. To give you an idea of how it works we assigned the gesture ‘A’ for AddictiveTips.com and we suggest you to do so too to make it easy for you to access our site. Just tap on the Gesture icon on the far right of the address bar which is of the shape of a hand, and draw an ‘A’ on your iPad’s screen. As soon as you lift your finger from the screen, the browser will direct you to ‘AddictiveTips.com’ or any site you have assigned to your drawn gesture.


Link to the app’s iTunes App Store page is provided below.

Dolphin Browser HD (for iPad)

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