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DoNotDisturb: Turn Off All iOS Alerts & Banners From Notification Center [Cydia]

A few days back, we covered a Windows Phone 7 Homebrew named Snotify. That app allowed users to silence the notifications on their WP7 device with a few toggle buttons. It doesn’t happen too often, but an iOS utility seems to have followed the Mango app’s example. The Cydia tweak is named DoNotDisturb, and is basically a Notification Center widget that includes a single toggle. If you switch DoNotDisturb on, all notifications on your device are immediately turned off. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to see notifications at all – they will still be there in the Notification Center – but all pop-ups and banners will be killed for as long as the tweak is activated. Sound like something you would want to use? Read on for details.

DoNotDisturb DoNotDisturb Cydia Widget

DoNotDisturb is not a typical NC widget, as it doesn’t add any glossy new feature to the Notification Center. There is just a button that can be used to silence the notifications. After the tweak has been installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you might have to manually respring the device. Once you have done that, go to the Notifications menu in the stock Settings app and enable DoNotDisturb. The tweak adds a menu of its own to the Settings app as well, but it contains nothing more than a few instructions for configuring DoNotDisturb.

Once the DoNotDisturb toggle appears in the Notification Center, just tap it, and you won’t get a notification alert until you turn the tweak back off. As discussed earlier, new notifications can be viewed from NC even when the tweak is working, but all alerts will be silenced, including text message banners, email notifications, alerts from third-party and stock apps and just about any other notification alert you can possibly think of. DoNotDisturb appears to be something that can be more useful as an SBSettings toggle, but as it is the only available option for now, the NC widget will have to do. So, if you want a few hours of peace without having to switch your phone off, head to the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store and grab DoNotDisturb for free.

Update: DoNotDisturb has become one of those Cydia tweaks that have been rendered obsolete by iOS 6. However, this tweak is the only one whose name has been borrowed by Apple. Still, for all users who have not upgraded to iOS 6 yet, the tweak can prove to be a really useful one.

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