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Dotastic For WP7: Compete Against Your Friends To Finish Your Tasks

It is a known fact that we do better in every field when there is a sense of competition among people. It can get a bit boring if are stuck doing your mundane tasks all by yourself, but now you can spice things up with ease, as there’s an app for that. Dotastic is a reminders and to-do list app for Windows Phone 7, but it differs from all of its competitors in the sense that rather than just listing your pending chores, the app posts them to your Facebook account, and asks your friends to compete against you in a race to finish the tasks earlier. Depending upon the nature of the task, your friends can even help you accomplish the reminder, and then rate the quality of your work.

Dotastic WP7 Dotastic Dashboard

To sign up for Dotastic, you will have to log in to your Facebook account from within the app and then allow the app access to your wall. Once you are logged in, the app will take you to your Dashboard, where all your Dotastic reminders are listed, as well as the tasks created by your friends. The first column lists your own to-dos, while the other is the activity feed. The main objective behind Dotastic is to get on top of the leaderboard, and be the one with the most points among your friends. To earn points you have to create new tasks, and then finish them within the selected time period. If your task is of the nature in which others can chip in, your friends can help you in real life, and with your approval, a few points will be awarded to them too.

Dotastic Reminder Dotastic Leaderboard

Dotastic can also be used to assign tasks to your Facebook friends who are also using the app. To create such a to-do, you will need to allot a specific number of points to it, which will be added to both your own and your friends’ account. For reminders created for both yourself and your friends, the app allows you to add a photo to it, as well as a descriptive text. In the Me section of Dotastic, you can view your total number of points, depending upon the tasks you have finished, while other app achievements are visible in the Triumphs menu.

Dotastic looks like an app which can really use an update, but the concept has an ocean of potential, as since it’s a free app, do give it a try by heading to the web Marketplace link below.

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