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Downgrade iOS 4.1 On iPhone 3G/3GS And iPod Touch 2G/3G To 3.1.3 Without SHSH Blobs

We have seen couple of guides circling the web which “claimed” downgrade from iOS 4.x to previous OS versions like 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 on iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touch 2G/3G. However, those guides had a very minute success ratio and iPhone developers and hackers from Dev Team also indicated them as non-workable without blobs saved. Today I stumbled across a downgrade video guide on YouTube that allows you to downgrade your iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touch 2G/3G to iOS 3.1.3 without having the need of your saved SHSH blobs. I also had a little conversation with video up-loader and he claimed the guide as working for iPod 2G/3G in particular and any 2nd or 3rd generation iDevice in general.


Here is the guide to downgrade your iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touch 2G/3G without saving SHSH blobs as per the video on Youtube. We do not guarantee if it will work, but you can try this and let us know. 

  1. Download Sn0wBreeze Ver 2.0.2 along with iOS 3.1.3 and save them on your desktop [ Or wherever your prefer].
  2. Launch Sn0wBreeze and Click OK on the disclaimer to proceed to the next screen.
  3. Now press the blue button at the bottom of the Introduction screen for Sn0wbreeze and select “Expert” Mode.
  4. Now press the blue next button and on the resulting screen, press Browse and point to the iOS 3.1.3 IPSW file.
  5. Now wait for the tool to process your selected IPSW file. After the processing is finished, click I Understand tab on the phone identification screen.
  6. After this select “General” on the resulting screen and select Activate, in case you want to carrier unlock your iPhone 3G/3GS on iOS 3.1.3. You can select other options as per your desire.
  7. After you have made the selection(s) on General screen, press Next. now select Cydia if it is not green check-marked already.
  8. Now select Build IPSW on the resulting screen and wait for Sn0wBreeze to process the build. After the process is complete, you will have a custom iOS 4.1 Beta IPSW file ready to restored on your iDevice.
  9. You can now restore this custom IPSW file on your iDevice by following onscreen instructions.

Here is the video tutorial that explains the above steps in a nice way:

Reference Links:

Downgrade iPhone 3G & 3GS From iOS 4 To 3.1.2


Disclaimer: Please make sure that you have ample hands-on experience before trying your hands on this one. AddictiveTips won’t be liable for any damages that may incur to your device during the process.


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