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Download And Install Android Market 3.1.3 [Guide]

Android Market 3.1.3 has just made it to certain Android handsets and we are here to deliver the goods to those who aren’t able to get it. The new version of Market comes with certain load-time improvements and also with Google +1 button added to mark and share your favorite apps on the go. Our app reviewers at AddictiveTips will soon run a complete run down of features, functionalities, improvements and issues addressed in this Market release. In the meanwhile, let’s get down to installing Android Market 3.1.3 on your Android phone:


Before embarking on this guide, download Titanium Backup from Market and make a backup of the current Market installation. This is pretty necessary because in case this Market fails to install or encounters any other issue, then you can easily revert back to previous version that you backed up. We believe that you can get this running on your phone with or without root access.

  1. The first step is to download Android Market 3.1.3 APK from here and save it on your PC.
  2. Once done, connect your phone to the computer, mount SD Card or SD Ext and copy the downloaded APK to SD Card root.
  3. After you are done with copying the app to SD Card root, download Astro File Manager or a File Manager of your choice from Market.
  4. Now launch the file manager app and install the APK from your SD Card following onscreen instructions.

After the installation is complete, launch Market and hopefully, if everything went alright, you will be witnessing the dawn of 3.1.3 right from the comfort of your phone. We have tested this APK on our Samsung Galaxy S II and can vouch for this as a working method. There might be some glitches for some users and we will address them as soon as we identify them.

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  • zeddyfree

    Is it safe to install a leaked market?

    • Livvvvvstar

      who knows ………,no one ever awsers you ,the next thing you know you can’t download any more apps because the app has sent you a virus !!!!!

  • khelly taguinod!


    • Shadeb95

      Hi,can you send a copy of the apk file to my email Shadeb95@ymail.com?As I have tried to download it on my laptop to no avail.Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • Badong

    Help! I got this version through automatic update but I don’t have the +1 button and the Movies and Books category. My device is a Galaxy Tab P1010 I live in the Philippines. Is the +1 button and the movies etc category US exclusive?

  • Niki

    Just downloaded the apk. file… installed… works just like a charm for now 🙂 Thanks

  • remy

    cant use this method for galaxy s wifi 5. any idea how to install this in my device?

    • karim

      hello everybody ,
      my question is : recently i have bought SAMSUNG GALAXY tab 10.1, but it has not the android market. i have download it from your site , and when i installed it , there was a message to add a Google account , than i have tried to add this account however this account it does not take any place in account an synchronization , so this market will not work in my Tab.
      is there any one can help me .
      thank you .

  • CT lim

    hi, i had managed to install the android-market on the tablet “nextbook premium 8”. however realised that this tablet doesn’t have the “account and sync” functionality enabled. Hence i am not able to complete the launch of the market.
    Anyone know how to resolve this ? tks a lot.

  • yogesh Patil

    I want to develop android market on my local server…. is it posibble ?
    if, yes… then tell me how ?

  • Tez_23b

    Hi…i have a question…how to download market application in my fon…help pls

  • Tez_23b

    Hi…i have a question…how to download market application in my fon…help pls