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Download And Install Cognition S2 1.12 Android 2.3.4 ROM On Galaxy S 2

Cognition S is one of the best Android 2.3 based custom ROM series for Samsung Galaxy S II that has indeed given other established ROM names a run for their money. We have been using the same ROM on our Samsung Galaxy S II, and so far we have found it to be one of the most user friendly and rock stable custom bacon cooked for this device. Lately the developers behind Cognition have released Cognition S2 Version 1.12 that is based on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread with some superb tweaks and mods on board. Like every other Cognition build for S II, this one is also flashable through ClockworkMod Recovery and doesn’t have any hard and fast modem requirements. The custom kernel in this ROM carries the capability to overclock your device to a whooping 1.5 GHz and flashes ClockworkMod Recovery along with init.d and ThumbEE support. The ROM also comes with a multi touch fix hack that allows butter-like smoothness.


Other features of this ROM include:

  • SIP support For Wi-Fi and 3G
  • Pre-Rooted, Deodexed And Zip Aligned
  • Accurate Battery Mod
  • Ad Blocking Support Via Host Files
  • HTC Headset Compatibility
  • TV Animation
  • AOSP Wi-Fi / Data Notification Icons
  • Over Scroll Glow
  • No Booting Sounds
  • Zero Samsung Brandware
  • Lag Free Stock Browser
  • Hacked Camera courtesy of Potatoman and Silent Edition

You can download the Cognition S2 Version 1.12 Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread custom ROM from here (development halted; download not available anymore) and then flash it normally through ClockWorkMod Recovery after a complete Wipe. After flashing the ROM, you can download SetCPU from Android Market and overclock or undervolt your device accordingly. For complete installation instructions and change log for this Galaxy S II ROM, please visit the official XDA ROM thread posted here (update: thread is closed now due to discontinued development and no download link).

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  • Raunaq

    Is this Rom Official?
    and is this rom stable or can u provide any vedio in which this rom is installed so i can see th features..