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Download And Install HTC Touch Diamond Update To Fix SMS Issue


Finally there is some great news for HTC Touch Diamond owners frustrated with unstable SMS messaging in the handset. According to HTC, there is now an update available which addresses and rectifies this issue and enhances SMS transmission stability.

For the time being, this update can only be applied on HTC Touch Diamond handsets with ROM versions ranging from 2.51.xxx.xx to 2.54.xxx.x

Here are the official step by step instructions for downloading and installing this update:

Installation Instructions:

Note: This update is only applicable to ROM versions is between 2.51.xxx.x & 2.54.xxx.x

Follow the instructions below to download and install the Update on your device:

  1. Make sure you have Microsoft ActiveSync® installed on your Windows XP PC or Windows Mobile Device Center on your Windows Vista® PC. You can find Microsoft ActiveSync from this link or Windows Mobile Device Center from this link.
  2. Connect and synchronize your device with your PC via Microsoft ActiveSync® or Windows Mobile Device Center using the USB cable.
  3. Download the Update file “TOP_S2_00472.exe” to your PC or NB.
  4. Copy TOP_S2_00472.exe, to your device.

To install the Update, Follow the instruction below

1. Tap the TOP_S2_00472.exe which must be copied to your phone and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

* If you performed a hard reset of your device, you need to reinstall the Update after the hard reset.

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