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Download And Install VLC Player For iPhone

Finally there is some good news for VLC fans with iPhone, as it is now available for their devices. VLC for iPhone is readily available in App Store and iTunes. Here is what’s new with VLC for iPhone Version 1.1.0.

  • This VLC Player build for iPhone is compatible with iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G/ 4G.
  • With this new version, you now have the authority to delete files from within the application without having to go to iTunes.
  • The new VLC for iPhone Version 1.1.0 now comes with compatibility for many new extensions. It will play all major audio/ video files extensions without problem.
  • There have been assembly optimizations carried out by the VLC team meaning that you will have to wait less for your content to play.

According to some recent user reviews of this application, the VLC is capable of rendering HD video playback on iPhone 4. Here are some important Questions and their answers direct from VLC creators:

When I play a video, all I get is a black screen! vlc-for-iphone

You probably get the sound though. And this happens when you’re using iOS 4.2 beta. As the name suggests, this is an unstable OS, that in theory should be used for development purposes only. That being said, we are working on a solution to this issue, that should be made available in the next update on the AppStore.

How do I delete a file from VLC?

For now, you’ll have to use iTunes. Get to the file sharing tab (where you uploaded files in the first place), select the movies you want to delete, and press “backspace”. The next version on the AppStore will support deleting files from the iPad.

The files I’ve added don’t show up!

For now, VLC recognizes a limited set of extensions – namely .avi, .mkv, .ts, .mov, .mp4, and .m4v. The next version of VLC will support many more. In the meantime, you can try renaming your files to match one of those extensions.

My HD movies don’t work!

Unfortunately, that’s to be expected. The iPad has limited computing power, and cannot handle the complex task of decoding HD movies in real time.

To be completely accurate, it should be said that the iPad contains a special hardware chip that is capable of decoding some forms of H.264 up to a 720p resolution. Unfortunately, that chip cannot be used from the iOS SDK.

You can download VLC player for iPhone by going to App Store on your phone and searching for it. Otherwise you can also directly download it from iTunes here


    • Whats another good player for iphone4? The default player has been updated and now it wont let you listen to a streaming radio station and surf other pages. As soon as you bring up a new page, the music stops, but the player still says streaming… Anyway to downgrade ?

  1. the video says it’s an unsupported movie. tap for details, but when i tap it only says initialising, please wait, this can take a minute or so. but then it says again that it takes unusually long. how do i fix it? please help me

  2. VLC is now pulled from iPhone store due to some license issue. VLC player is open source and is under GNU General Public License !! I hope you will update this article and put a little Note before or after this post that “VLC is now pulled out frpm iPhone app store”.

    Thanks :0

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