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Download And Stream Free Music On Android With Winamp 1.0

Nullsoft’s Winamp for Android was updated to 1.0 yesterday, adding to its list of features, the ability to download and stream free music from Spinner along with several interface tweaks.

As listed in the changelog on the freeware’s Android Market page (link provided below) and on the official Winamp blog itself, the new version of the music player/manager brings with it a new and improved user interface, including redesigned Now Playing and Home screens, added Artist info and news and a redesigned Lockscreen player.


In addition, the application now allows users to utilize the “Listen to” Voice Action to quickly launch songs from the home screen and switch between tracks by simply swiping across the album art.


Access to SHOUTcast featured radio stations has also been added, however, said feature is not supported for certain devices as of this writing.

Download Winamp 1.0

[via DownloadSquad ]

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  • Willem Nuijen

    Currently, the absolute winner is Jukefox (formerly Museek) when it comes to great audio players for Android.