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Download Android Froyo System Image For HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad is selling like hot cakes after the price slash of nearly 65 %. The 16 GB version of the TouchPad is now out for $ 99. The sales, numbers and marketing don’t really impress us. However we believe in the huge potential that this device carries and now there is a $ 2000 + bounty on porting Android to unleash the true capability of this killer tab.


There are developers around the globe trying to own WebOS to flash Android and some industrious hackers, at RootzWiki, have uploaded full Android system dump taken from a TouchPad running Android. Apparently this dump has been juiced from “one of those mysterious available on eBay” Android running TouchPads. The system dump is basically the first step to lure developers into getting knack of what its really like “going Android” on a TouchPad. No, it’s not a sweet custom ROM that you might want to download and Flash but you will probably get something based on this Android 2.2.1 Froyo System Image for the TouchPad after devs are through this.

The process to port this sys dump on generic TouchPads won’t be that easy, but with so much to gain and nothing to lose, we believe that soon you will get a complete Android ROM for TouchPad cooked fresh from this image.

This system dump, for the time being, is only meant for developers. You can download the complete Android 2.2.1 Froyo System Dump For HP TouchPad from here. And if you want to see what other developers have achieved so far, then this original RootzWiki thread is worth giving a shot. Again, this system dump is not meant for non-developers and we advise you to wait patiently for the ROM and complete instructions to install it on your TouchPad.

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  • iMacker

    I am trying to install Android 3.1 on my HP TouchPad, I found some files here http://bit.ly/ovIZ4S but I cannot get it to work, can someone figure out a way?