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Download Angry Birds For Symbian^3 Phones Now Available In Ovi Store

Angry Birds has become a phenomenon in the smartphone gaming world. Ever since Rovio released it on the iPhone, it has gained immense popularity and made its way to Android recently as well. While everyone is expecting Windows Phone to be the next platform for Angry Birds to nest in, there has been something completely unexpected that would make Windows Phone users jealous and Nokia users rejoice. Yes, Angry Birds has made its way to the Ovi Store for Nokia devices. If you are on a Nokia phone running the Symbian S^3 operating system, you can grab it right away. For more details on what this Symbian version offers and a list of compatible phones, continue reading after the jump.


According to  a small release note by Rovio Mobile, Angry Birds is now available for download in OVI store on your Symbian^3 handsets. This version of Angry Birds include 105 levels at the moment, but will officially receive further updates to expand the gameplay, as on the other supported platforms. Before you get too excited at the terms ‘Nokia’ and ‘Symbian’ though, we would like to stress again that it is available only for the phones running Symbian S^3, and will not work on phones with earlier versions of Symbian.

Here is the official announcement note from ROVIO Mobile on release of Angry Birds For Symbian^3 OS:

Angry Birds for Symbian^3 now available in Ovi Store

Good news: After a long wait, the full version of Angry Birds is available for Symbian^3 devices in Ovi Store!

The Symbian^3 version includes 105 levels packed with hours and hours of gameplay, with free updates and more levels lined up for the future.

Have fun!
Best regards,
The Angry Birds Team

Some of the popular phones that Angry Birds is compatible with include:

  • Nokia N8
  • Nokia C7
  • Nokia C6
  • Nokia E7

In addition, it should work on every single Nokia device that runs Symbian S^3. We believe that game play experience might not be as rich as it is for Android and iOS users due to device spec and OS limitations, but something is better than nothing after all.

In order to download this game on your handset, simply head over to your phone’s OVI store app and search for the game. Want to share your excitement with us and tell us how was the experience of finally being able to play it on your Symbian device rather than getting jealous of your iPhone and Android sporting friends? Drop us a comment below and let us know. Happy pig smashing!

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