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How To Fix GPS On Samsung Galaxy S [Eclair And Froyo]

There are many Samsung Galaxy S users with a GPS so horrible, that some of them might chuck their handsets out of the window for their Google Maps giving up on them altogether. Well, in case you are getting any such ideas, then think again, because our friend Saad at Wccftech is out with a fix for Galaxy S’s GPS issue.

In order to fix the GPS issue on this handset, you don’t need to have root. Here are the step by step instruction of solving GPS no-fix problem on Samsung Galaxy S. gps-settings

Before embarking on these instructions, please make sure to note down the stock settings, so that you can restore them if this doesn’t work for you.

  1. The firsts step is to dial the following codes on your Samsung Galaxy S:
    • *#*#1472365#*#* If you are running Android 2.1 Eclair.
    • *#*#3214789650#*#* If you have updated to Android 2.2 Froyo.
  2. once you finish dialing the codes mentioned above, you will have a LbsTestMode screen on your phone with several option.
  3. Now tap on Application Setting.
  4. In Application Settings, click on Operations Mode followed by selecting Standalone.
  5. Once you are back on Application Settings, tap on Start Mode and click Hot Start on the pop-up.
  6. Now select GPS Plus and put it on by clicking the ON radio button.
  7. Once done, click on SkyHook and also change it’s value to ON.
  8. Now go back to the first screen and tap on SUPL / CP Settings.
  9. Once you have done this, tap on Server FQDN Type followed by clicking on AUTO Config.

Once you are through all this hardwork, it’s time to reboot your handset. Once your Galaxy S boots, launch Google Maps and you will get the fix within 5 to 10 seconds. Enjoy GPSing!

Update: If you have GPS issue on Samsung Captivate, you can fix it by following the guide here.

Disclaimer: Please follow the guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible in case you incur any damage to your handset following the instructions above.

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  • marius

    not work…

    • gigioc

      nici la mine !
      ce facem ?

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  • Atif Ilyas

    Thanks a lot. It is really working. Actually yours code is most important point. Many GPS locator don’t use this code *#*#3214789650#*#* . They give old code for Android 2.1 Eclair which stuck the GPS on samsung galaxy running froyo 2.2.

  • Werner

    It seems that it works!!!!!! At first it didn’t want to get a fix but now it seems a lot faster. thx!!!!

  • Greg

    It doesn’t seem to work for me although I was unable to find any place that gave me an option to switch on skyhook. My LibsTestMode screen looked exactly the same as yours except there was no listing for skyhook – either on or off. Any suggestions? Thanks for posting the number to access this mode in Froyo.

    • Jay

      same here. just cannot find Skyhook 🙁

  • Glenn

    “It doesn’t seem to work for me although I was unable to find any place that gave me an option to switch on skyhook. My LibsTestMode screen looked exactly the same as yours except there was no listing for skyhook – either on or off. Any suggestions? Thanks for posting the number to access this mode in Froyo.”

    – i dont have the skyhook as well. what to do?

  • john

    no skyhook here either…

  • john

    This is what fixed it for me, as I don’t have the skyhook feature: “SUPL/CP Settings” Change the SERVER & PORT to supl.google.com and port 7276 [ Do not use www. in front of supl]

    Turn back on the “User Wireless Networks” <—Settings/Location and Security

    • Maarten

      My Samsung Galaxy S came with all these changes so I didn’t have to change anything! Yay? No, not yay…the fix just does not work at all. I drove with navigation and suddenly the marker changed to the road next to where I was driving. And then back again. At traffic lights it did not know anymore where I was and which direction I was heading.

      Well, it may be working, but I don’t want to think about how BAD the GPS works without the fix… Sigh, I am very happy with this phone. All is GREAT. Except for the GPS. Damn…

  • Terry

    Hmm…did not even bring up gps menu. 2.2.1froyo

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  • Julius Ceasar

    Doesn’t work. Stop giving lame advice.

  • Big G

    My phone has no sky hook but came with the other settings stated above. However, I refuse to use the use wireless networks option as it keeps asking me whether google can “collect anonymous location data”. Does anyone else not think this is an odd thing for an OS provider to request?

  • Lee

    Woo hippo doo got gps at last……im on froyo I changed everything except putting in google supl and it works fine takes about the same someones quicker than my tom tom…..on orange uk

  • Anders Frihagen

    (have updated to Android 2.2 Froyo.)
    – the code for entering gps test mode for Froyo did not work.
    – the old code worked, no “skyhook” menu entry

    followed what I could do and it worked OK.

    Thank you!


  • Jon S

    This advice is the complete opposite of what everyone else is saying on other forums and is completely wrong. You should be setting the Operation Mode to MS Based.

    Server FQDN Type should be set to CUSTOM too, not AUTO.

    No idea what SkyHook is. I don’t have either.

    • yerman

      Operation Mode to MS Based is the key setting to vastly improve gps reception,still not great,but acceptable outside.The very best gps reception can be found on the orange san fran, seconds even indoors.

      • Erwin

        Thanks gps works in 7 sec perfect. but how do you save that setting, when you shut of the phone,you must do the setting again.

        Erwin, from Holland

  • Richard E Rodriguez

    my Samsung Galaxy S with Froyo Doesnt work the GPS, after apply this procedure, it works perfectly.

    Before all you must:

    Open menu > settings > Location & Security. Uncheck the box next to “Use Wireless Networks”

    after follow all this post instructions,

    in my devices works correctly.

    good luck to all

  • diego

    Funciona exelente la solucion , yo lo probe con samsung galaxy S I9000B, cambie todo.

    thank you.

  • mario

    i updated my gt i5500 (orig. 2.1) to 2.2 froyo (usa version) and code 4 entering gps setting menu worked ok… but then i fallowed old i5500 instructions:
    Settings -> Parameter Settings -> Address -> Server Type: 1x MPC
    Settings -> Parameter Settings -> Position mode: option3
    Settings -> Fix Request Settings -> Session Operation: Standalone
    Settings -> Fix Request Settings -> Server Option: Local
    gpsOne XTRA -> Xtra Enable: Enable

    and – gps works perfectly (croatia, europe)

  • JL

    Doesn’t work. Seems like a common problem. Samsung should provide a solution. Don’t they test their product before shipment ? They should do a 100% test to key features. GS 2.2 rooted

  • Tim

    Worked 100% – It seems that quite a few Galaxy 9000 have issues with their phone working for a week or two and then just stopping. Followed your instructions and the GPS started to work instantly (and faster). Thanks !!

  • Tim

    I will add that after using this “fix” I have to re-boot my phone before I try to use the gps function every time. If i close navation / maps then beofre it works – a re-boot !!. It works better than before but still anoying

  • Bruno

    These seems to be the default settings on my Galaxy S (Kernel root@SE-S608#1, FROYO.BOJPB)… just the Server FQDN were set to manual.

    Suppose it will never beat my Garmin eTrex GPS…

  • John

    I applied the over the air update to 2.2 from Sprint, which clobbered GPS of course. However, I can’t even enter either of the codes in step 1 without getting a ‘the feature code you entered is not valid’ voice after I dial the code. I’ve also tried removing the first ‘*#’ and last ‘*#*’ per other posts, with no luck. Is it possible that the code was changed to something else once again?

  • sweet

    I can’t find skyhook.

    • ai10

      Don’t worry about skyhook, change the other settings accordingly and it’ll work.

  • reza

    you are the best.

  • ai10

    It worked for me.

    I didn’t have skyhook so didn’t have to do anything there. Also I already had those settings as mentioned above in APPLICATION SETTING. So step 4-7 I didn’t have to do anything.

    All I changed was SUPL / CP with autoconfig (step 8 & 9) + reboot and voila it works.

    Thanks for this. Very helpful.

  • Coco

    It’s work well for me. Samsung galaxy S running froyo, 2.2.1 Thanks a lot

  • Andychan

    It work Flawless man.. ur Great
    Samsung I9000 2.2.1 Gps Fix issue Papago X5

  • chris

    I also didn’t find the setting for sky-hook , i did all the following though! and at last i have gps connection! using Samsung galaxy s i9000 running unrooted phone 2.2 froyo (Cyprus)

  • anthony

    no both code did not work for my samsung vibrant is there any other way to fix the gps

  • Polar Monk

    Apart from the “SkyHook” part (which I don’t seem to have) I did all this, and it actually works! First, my GPS didn’t fix at all, now it takes less than 10 seconds. Brilliant! Thank you very much.

  • sarsar

    worked one time after i entered the code.
    the next day when i’ve tried to use the gps it wasn’t working anymore. 🙁
    i have sgs with 2.2 froyo.

    a mers o singura data dupa ce am bagat codul. a doua zi cand am vrut sa folosesc gps-ul nu a mai mers.
    am sgs cu 2.2 froyo.

  • Ram

    Thanks a lot. It really works. damned samsung. Can’t they do it themselves and reduce the workload on customers?

  • moh

    I don’t have the SkyHook, but it fixed it, thank you and that’s my last damn Samsung I don’t know what the hell I was thinking of when I purchased this, I would have a verizon iphone 4 for the same price, now I locked for two years with T-mobile

  • Rachid

    It works nicely.Thank you, it’s really useful.

  • paul

    Samsung i9000 cant get it to work maybe doing somthing wrong !

  • Ale

    Thanks a lot, worked fine! Now the gps lock comes within seconds!

  • Lewis.

    Help, I use Galasy 5 froyo version XWJP3 and I can’t get my GPS lock on. I enter the codes and it does not do anything. No GPS option.

  • UnhappyWithSamsung

    Kudos for having the correct code to get into 2.2. Now I have hope that I can improve things on my nearly worthless Captivate Phone. . .

  • Rajeevan

    Mine is Galaxy S GTi9003. I changed all the settings but I didnt get the Navigation Only screen display is that ” waiting for location” Pls tell any body how to do it

  • cortez

    running 2.3.3 here, typed in above code for 2.2 and only changed form standalone to msmode in operation mode, nothing else and in an instant got 12 sats on test and gps worked almost at once. only just tried this and not tested again yet but given the fact that for a week i only managed to get a fix once i am hopeing this has fixed it….thanks

  • Char

    It does not do anything after dailing the #s. The dial screen becomes empty.  Btw, I have the SGH – T959V running on gingerbread.vuvkj6 with fireware version of 2.3.6. Any suggestion please..

  • handy142

    useing froyo 2.2 the above code works but the gps is still way out no change cant wait for a true fix

  • Anon

    This solution worked for the 2 vibrants in the house. Awesome indeed.

    • anon

      Using Samsung Vibrant Model SGH-T959, Firmware 2.2, Build No. FROYO.UVKB5