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Fireplace Market: Cydia & Bazaar-Like Alternative App Store For Android

As we’ve seen over the years, numerous Android apps – mostly those requiring root access, and third-party clients for certain services – have been removed from the Android Market for various reasons. These include the popular screenshot capturing tool ShootMe, a number of third-party Steam clients, such as, Steam for Android, the notorious Wi-Fi Kill, Superuser, Set CPU and various others. Although APKs of most of these apps can still be found on the internet, it takes some time and effort to manually search for, download and install these apps to your device. Introduced by XDA member spxc and team, Fireplace Market is an alternative Android app store that aims to house third-party apps that either require root access on your device, and/or have been removed from the Market – like Cydia for iOS, or Bazaar for Windows Phone 7. An Android client of the app store has just recently been released, and is available for download. Using the app, you can access, search for, and download featured apps from the store right on your device. Needless to say, the app itself works only on rooted devices, and is still far from complete. Details to follow.

If you are yet to gain root access on your Android device, you might want to go through our comprehensive collection of root guides for various devices.

As mentioned earlier, the project is in its initial phase and isn’t complete by any means. While the store itself is constantly being beefed up with various apps including those coming from new developers as well as ones that can no longer be found in the Android Market, the mobile client is promised to be made fully functional with frequent updates. As of this writing, Fireplace Market sports the following apps:

  • Temp Root Remover
  • Titanium Backup
  • Droid Sheep
  • Meta Morph
  • FaceNiff
  • Set CPU
  • SSH Tunnel
  • Superuser
  • WifiKill
  • renametojpg
  • Gravestone Carver
  • Transdroid
  • Temp Root Remover
  • Indian Epaper
  • Transdroid Search
  • Carteleraapp

The app’s interface is relatively simple. It sports various tabs that are meant to help you with searching, managing and browsing apps on the app store, though most of them are currently non-functional. You can, however, use the app to explore and download required apps from the store.

Fireplace-Market-Android-Browse Fireplace-Market-Android-Apps

For this, just tap the Browse tab to go through the list of app categories, or simply tap All Applications to view all apps on the store. Just navigate to the required app, and tap it to download its APK to your device. The downloaded file can then be installed on the device.

Note: In order to side-load APK files on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, you must enable the Unknown sources option from within the Settings > Security > Device Administration menu. You’ll find the same option under Menu > Settings > Application settings in older Android versions.

Download Fireplace Market

[via XDA-Developers]

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