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Download Fully Customizable TWRP Recovery For HTC HD2

Custom recovery is an integral part of Android OS as it allows users, developers and hackers to perform crucial functions like restoration, maintenance and flashing / installation. Virtually every Android phone gets root and then immediately a custom recovery is brewed in order to flash custom kernels, ROMs and patches. Custom recoveries also perform other useful functions such as wiping dalvik cache, battery stats, restore and backup system etc.  and do complete cache and system format in order to implement new framework on the phone / tablet. When it comes to custom recoveries for Android phones / tablets, ClockworkMod Recovery developed by Koush is the most favored and widely adapted by Android users. In case you need more information regarding custom recovery in general and ClockworkMod Recovery in particular, then head to our detailed custom recovery guide posted here


TWRP, Team Win Recovery Project, is a new custom recovery that is build on bases of user ease and customization. For those who don’t know, Team Win a well reputed group of Android developers and hackers who have done some awesome underground development at XDA forums and other portals to enhance user experience and utility of Android devices. Due to the fact that this recovery offers far better options and easier customization options, it is being widely downloaded and deployed on compatible Android devices.

Recently Arif-Ali, XDA Recognized Developer, was able to port the TWRP Recovery on the HTC HD2. Arif claims no credit for this awesome port and according to him, it was just some tweaking that let to this HTC HD2 port of TWRP Recovery.

Here are some key features of TWRP Recovery:

  • Clean, simple, intuitive Menu System
  • Ability to save custom recovery settings
  • Default partitions to back up
  • Default zip folder location
  • Default color theme (lots to choose from) (Thanks to ffolkes!)
  • Default Time Zone (for more accurate time stamps; US time zones only for now)
  • Zip Verification
  • Ability to select which individual partitions to backup, and restore.
  • Ability to choose compression or no compression backups.
  • Compression takes longer of course, but you save roughly half the space. EVO3D’s stock system
  • uncompressed is ~800mb, 380mb compressed. You choose.
  • Ability to auto restore GAPPS on zip flash (for CM based ROMS)
  • Ability to auto reboot after successful flashes (for the lazy)
  • Home – Main Menu
  • Back – Up a Menu Level
  • Call – Select Current Selection

This TWRP Recovery for HTC HD2 comes in .img form that can be flashed / installed via ADB or Fastboot method. You can head to the official XDA thread of TWRP Recovery for HTC HD2 for downloads, instructions, disclaimers and complete source code. All credit for this port goes to Team Win, Arif and other developers who helped.

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