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Google+ Now Available For iPad And iPod Touch

Google released Google+ with just one aim in their mind, to take over Facebook. In this age of social networking it does make a lot of sense to target a field as widely used and appreciated as social media. But it was very unlike Google when the service was announced to be invite-only at first. That could have been because it was still in beta testing phase and maybe the folks over at Mountain View wanted everything to be perfect for the actual launch. Another major shocker came when the Google+ app was only released for iPhone, ignoring all other iDevices (iPad and iPod Touch). Thankfully this situation has now been rectified with the app becoming available for all iOS devices yesterday.

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We got our iPad 2 out and set out to test Google+ on it. First thing, it’s available only in a select few countries, so you better have a US account for the app store. The app turns out to be the iPhone app, just running on the iPad’s larger screen.

Even though it’s the same app, it is an update nonetheless. Here are few of the improvements found in this version.

  • The app is now a bit more faster and efficient in resource usage, which was bound to happen for an app still in stages of development.
  • Notification aggregation in Circles.
  • The Huddle menu is the most improved with new settings and fixes coming to it.

So head over to the App Store (using an account of a country which supports the app) and grab Google+ on whatever iDevice you are using.

Install Google+ for iPad, iPod, and iPhone

[via Engadget]

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