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Download HTC Sense 2.3.3 Custom ROM For HTC Aria

HTC Aria launched as a high tier Android phone but unfortunately wasn’t able to grab much developer support. However, there are folks still dedicated to the cause and lately brswattt, Senior XDA Member, released a new ROM with elements taken from Sense 2.1 as well as Sense 3.0. The ROM is basically based on HTC Salsa European ROM dump and is empowered with Drowningchild’s kernel for the Aria. (8-9-1). Flashing this ROM on your phone will convert it into a semi-brick and here’s a list of what actually works after installation:

  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Mobile Data
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Sensors
  • Camcorder

And here’s a list of what dones’t work and knows bugs :

  • Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • USB Tethering
  • Bluetooth
  • FM Reboot

A nasty bug, that can be pretty dangerous, is when user attempts to reboot their device using extended power menu. Tapping the reboot button actually causes a soft brick which can only be countered by reflashing the ROM after gaining access to ClockworkMod Recovery. The one good thing about this ROM is that you get to experience a cross of Sense 2.1 with 3.0 without the presence of branded bloatware on board.

Here is the change log for HTC Sense 2.3.3 For Aria:

-Added advanced power menu (Thanks to Hintay)
-Added build.prop lines to increase mobile data speed.
-Added OOMkiller and S97 Ramscript (Juwe’s RAM optimization script) to /system/etc/init.d
-Disabled Proximity Sensor (test) because Android 2.3.3 has a Sensor Polling Battery Drain problem – was showing Dialer as highest battery use.
-New Market 3.0.27
-Removed HTC bloat (HTC Like.apk, HTCReccomends.apk, Facebookchat.apk [battery drain])

If you really want to give this a shot, please head to the official XDA thread posted here for instructions, download goodies and other valuable information. As the ROM development is in early stages, so we won’t be advising it for novice users.

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