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Download iOS 4.3.4 For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad [Direct Links]

iOS 4.3.4 is now available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and we’ve got direct download links right here for you. However, you must know that this update patches the jailbreaking exploits of the previous iOS 4.3.3 version so if you’ve got a jailbroken iOS device and want to keep it jailbroken, this update might not be fore you as there is no jailbreak available for it right now. For more information and download links, read on.

There seems to be a game of cat and mouse going on between the jailbreak developers and Apple. Apple releases a newer version of iOS patching the jailbreak exploits, developers find a new exploit in the new iOS and jailbreak it, Apple patches it again in the next version and so on. The surfacing of JailbreakMe 3.0 for iOS devices running iOS 4.3.3 was a thorn Apple couldn’t continue stepping on! So Apple is currently pushing out iOS 4.3.4 right now to the patch PDF exploit that allows JailbreakMe 3.0 to jailbreak iOS 4.3.3. And as the update has just started to roll out, so there is NO jailbreak available for this and upgrading to this version will un-Jailbreak your current iDevice. The iDevices which can be upgraded to iOS 4.3.4 are:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4 [CDMA]
  • iPad
  • iPad 2
  • Apple TV
  • iPod Touch 3G
  • iPod Touch 4G

In case you own any of the devices listed above and rely on a jailbreak and unlock, then updating to this version will be committing iSuicide. And if you are a stock user with no reliance on Jailbreak, then you can download the latest iOS 4.3.4 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iPad 2 from the links provided below:

Once you download the update file, connect your iOS device to the computer via USB cable, fire up iTunes and then click on restore to update your device.

Have you jailbroken your device? What do you think of this game of cat and mouse between Apple and jailbreak developers? Should Apple continue to patch jailbreaking exploits, or should they just let them be for those who choose to use them? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments.

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