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Download Leaked Gingerbread ROM For Samsung Fascinate

We don’t really know when Samsung Fascinate will receive it’s much awaited Gingerbread update officially, but if you have root, then you can easily get it up and running on your phone now. The credit for unearthing, testing and making this early leaked Gingerbread build flashable goes to P3Droid at My Droid World forums. Bugs are expected in this Gingerbread build for Samsung Fascinate but P3Droid, along with other Android developers and hackers, has optimized this build to work as your daily driver. Daily Driver means that all major features such as radio, Audio, Wi-Fi, Data, Camera etc. work perfectly fine without encountering force-closes or other glitches.

Here is video preview of P3Droid’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM for Samsung Fascinate:

These are the release notes for this build direct from the developer:

Release notes: This is unofficial and a leak. Teamblackhat, Mydroidworld, and myself are not responsible for what you do to your phone. Installing this firmware will void your warranty (LMAO) and may cause harm to your device.

Here are some screenshots of this GB build for Fascinate:


Although everything has been reported as working perfectly fine with this build, there are some minute issues that you should know about:

  • You will have to side load Netflix App as the official one, available in the market, will give incompatibility error.
  • Stock Tetris game isn’t working.
  • Google Maps refuse to install.

You can download leaked Gingerbread ROM for Samsung Fascinate from the leak thread and then flash it on your phone using ODIN. For complete details, download instructions and installation issue, please head to the official leak thread posted here (not available anymore).

[via AndroidPolice]

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