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Download Stable Fasty Android Froyo Custom ROM For Samsung Captivate

In case you were looking for a blazing fast and rock stable Android 2.2 Froyo ROM for Samsung Captivate, then Fasty custom ROM might be your first choice. Fasty comes from Senior XDA member LOSTLOGIC89 and is claimed to be optimized for a stable experience with extra tweaks to enhance battery life. The ROM is based on UCKB1 Modem and comes pre-rooted with busybox installed,  and is also zipaligned plus deodexed.


Here are the main features of this ROM for your reference:

  • Integrated FuGu Tweak
  • Zero Bloatware
  • Ragepatch
  • BLN
  • Voodoo Sound And Noise Suppression With Audience Chip
  • Pre-Integrated Overclock and Undervolting Kernel


So as you can see from the feature list, the developer has tried to keep it close to vanilla Android while adding great performance improvements and enhancements, to ensure a fast experience with no compromise on performance. The bloat included with the stock firmware has also been removed, freeing up space and making the phone even faster. The ROM is also deodexed, thus theming it is not a problem. In fact from the looks of it, it already comes pretty decently themed.

When you launch run it for the first time, you may not feel at home with the home screen UI (Launcher) as it isn’t the standard Samsung TouchWiz interface. According to the ROM developer, Sony Ericsson Launcher is the primary launcher UI for this ROM but if you just want your TouchWiz back, you needn’t fret. You can go for any other Android launcher (including TouchWiz) as you desire. All other features like data, Wi-fi, Tethering, Bluetooth work fine and so far no glitches / bugs have been reported by those who have given it a shot.

Want to install this ROM? to your Samsung Captivate? Follow this procedure:

  1. Download the ROM from here (download link dead; see the XDA forum thread link below for any possible mirrors) and copy it over to your phone.
  2. Reboot your phone into recovery.
  3. Make a backup in case you want to revert back to your current ROM.
  4. Wipe data/factory reset, then wipe cache, then go to advanced and wipe dalvik cache.
  5. Install the ROM from recovery (install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard > choose the ROM file).
  6. Reboot your phone.
You should now have Fasty running on your Captivate and you’ll feel the speed difference as soon as you start using it. Please head to the official ROM thread for any questions you might have or solutions to any problems that you might come across.


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