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Dream:ON For iPhone Claims To Induce Pleasant & Lucid Dreams In Users

If you have seen Inception or Vanilla Sky, and envied those characters with their dreams that touched reality, there’s an iOS app which may actually let you step into that envious reality for a while. Yes, you are not dreaming, Dream:ON, controls the stream of your dreaming by playing musical pieces to match with the deepness of your sleep. So, how can an app gauge if you are asleep, and if so, how deep? Dream:ON accomplishes this by using the camera and microphone in your iPhone, and once it has determined that your in a fit enough state, the chosen dream music will begin playing. The volume and intensity of the soundtrack will vary based on your body movements, and if all goes according to plan, you will be able to have the dream you chose before going to sleep. Feeling incredulous? Maybe there’s good reason to be so, read on to judge for yourself.

DreamON iPhone DreamON Alarm DreamON Dream Store

Dream:ON is not an app just for fun, and it can also be used to track your physical comfort during sleep. This way you can later check the time you sleep most soundly during the night. To help you get started, Dream:ON has a short graphical tutorial at its start up, and the instructions really do make using the app pretty easy. There are 2 free dreams available in the app, while the rest have to be purchased for $0.99 each, and are available in the Dream Store within the app. There are two types of dreams which can be induced using the app; simple and lucid. Lucid dreams (dreams which you can consciously control without waking up) are indicated by a small icon next to them in the store. If you don’t choose any dream from the Dream Store, head straight to the menu labeled Start Dreaming. Here you can set the time at which you want to wake up, along with the alarm sound and dream music. After it has all been set up, hit the Start button, place your iPhone facedown and try to sleep.

DreamON Dream Diary DreamON Sleep Stats

During the night, Dream:ON will continue monitoring your activities, the sounds you produce, and at whichever time it deems fit, the dream music will start playing. According to the research upon which Dream:ON is based, the music will induce the desired effect and you will start having the dream associated with it. When you wake up, the app will present you with a full report on your nocturnal activities, along with a graph of the deepness of your sleep. Users can keep a Dream Diary using Dream:ON, and each night’s dreams will be associated with the data and music played on that date.

We can’t confirm whether Dream:ON is really as dreamy as it claims to be, but as it won’t cost you anything, why not give it a try? Here is the download link.

Download Dream:ON

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