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DriveSafe.ly For iPhone Reads Aloud Your Incoming Tweets, Emails & SMS

Siri might have become really popular, but you have to remember that it does have its limitations. You can dictate a lot of stuff to your iPhone using it, but it won’t read your incoming texts to you. Fortunately for iOS users, there are a few apps available which will let them hear their messages without even picking up the phone. DriveSafe.ly is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, using which, you can hear incoming Twitter updates, Facebook chat messages, emails and Google Voice text messages. The best thing about the DriveSafe.ly app is that you won’t have to keep looking at your iPhone, or press any button, in order to listen to stuff. The app does everything on its own, leaving the user’s hands and eyes completely free.

DriveSafe.ly DriveSafe.ly Accounts

You can sign up for DriveSafe.ly via Facebook, or you can create an app-specific new account. In each case, once you are done setting up the app, you have to choose the services you want to link with it. In Twitter and Facebook menus, linking the app is pretty easy, and all you need to do is provide your username and password. However, for email, there are more options that need to be attended to before you can get going. It is better if you leave the settings as they come by default, but if they don’t work, try searching for the port number of the service you are using.

DriveSafe.ly NotificationWhen the accounts have been added to DriveSafe.ly, you can forget all about the app. It will start sending voice notifications even when you have exited the app (if you have got push notifications working on your device). The app is free, but via in-app purchases, you can unlock a hoard of voices and languages, although in our humble opinion, you won’t find any reason to change the default voice. In the Settings menu of DriveSafe.ly, you can choose the word limit which will be spoken by the app. There is also the option to enable voice commands via an in-app purchase. Although the app serves its purpose well enough even without voice commands, they go a long way towards helping you out if you are driving.

We ran into a lot of problems setting up our email account on the app, but still, the reading of tweets and Facebook chat messages worked flawlessly. You can try the app out for free by going to the link given below.

Download DriveSafe.ly


    • If you’d notice, DriveSafe.ly won’t even read incoming texts at all, as Apple’s API doesn’t allow that. This app is useful only for tweets, FB chat messages, Google Voice text messages and emails. Doesn’t impair its usefulness by much, in our opinion, especially since the app is free.

    • Unless you are looking for an app to read texts  aloud to you while you are driving or riding a motorcycle with bluetooth….then it renders it pretty useless

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