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Dropbox For Android Updated With Batch Upload, Improved Gallery & More

As announced on the official Dropbox forums, a preview build of the updated (v1.3.0.6) official Dropbox client for Android has just been released, an APK of which is now available for download. Apart from getting a taste of the Ice Cream Sandwich UI, the updated client brings plenty of new features for Android smartphones as well as tablets. These include better and quicker access to your Dropbox content, batch-uploading files to cloud and quick access to favorite content while offline. The updated client also brings a new native gallery to help you select/upload your photos and videos with ease. Preforming various file and folder actions such as renaming, deletion, sharing et al have also been made quite convenient.


As mentioned earlier, the UI of the updated Dropbox for Android has been completely overhauled with Ice Cream Sandwich-style tabbed navigation. As clear from the screenshots above, you can notice the Holo style column/bar navigation as well as action menus within the app’s interface. Surely, it did take some time coming but finally (and for good) the authorities over at Dropbox realized the significance of throwing batch-renaming content to the mix. Therefore, support for preforming uploads in batch is also a welcome addition, as is the option to easily rename files and folders on your Dropboxcloud.

While exploring your Dropbox content, tapping the small arrow icon displayed beside each folder reveals a drop down menu that contains all aforementioned options (Share, Delete or Rename). The dropdown menu for files has additional options such as marking a file as Favoriteexporting it to another installed app or saving it to SD card.


How can we not mention the app’s recently announced native image gallery that displays thumbnails for all your local photos and videos. This, along with bulk uploading, makes it much easier for you to save local media to your Dropbox cloud. Finally, the option to mark content as favorite, and then access all the favorite items from under the same roof might prove to be a godsend, especially if your Dropbox storage is too cluttered with all sorts of data, making it difficult for you to get your hands on whatever you require at the time of need.

Apart from adding all the aforementioned features, the updated client has seen numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements.

The update hasn’t been pushed to the Android Market yet, but you can hit the URL provided below to visit the official Dropbox forums to get the entire change log, and download the APK of the preview build.

Visit The OfficialDropboxForums

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