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DS Marketplace: Get Homebrews, Wallpapers, & Games For Unlocked WP7

Despite its being rather new to the Windows Phone 7 development scene, Bazaar has become a fairly popular homebrew store for Mango phones running custom ROMs. It even has a desktop version, letting users manage their homebrew collection on a PC. However, it is always nice to see some competition, and it’s good to see that Bazaar isn’t going to monopolize the WP7 jailbreak scenario like Cydia does for iOS. This is owing to the fact that an alternative homebrew app store has been launched, titled DS Marketplace. The functionality offered by the store is almost identical to Bazaar, but with a few welcome additions. In addition to homebrews and tweaks, DeepShining Marketplace also features a lot of exclusive wallpapers, games and even a few rare apps.

Deepshining Marketplace WP7 DS Marketplace Home

The biggest area where DS Marketplace holds the advantage over Bazaar is its glossy and beautiful interface. There are a few areas of the store which can use a few improvements, like the update section, but overall the app is worth a try just for its looks. On the homepage, there are tiles for each section of the app, although you can navigate to them by just swiping through the screens as well. The Settings menu of the app can also be accessed from this page, and for now, lists just options, and that is of enabling the secondary live tile, which will straight away be pinned to the Start screen when you check the box next to it.

DS Marketplace Chef Choice DS Marketplace Wallpapers DS Marketplace Updates

The main sections of DS Marketplace include Homebrews, Apps, Games and Wallpapers. In addition to these, there is also the chef’s choice, which features the app developer’s favorites. In the update menu of DS Marketplace, you get to see the latest changes the featured homebrews and the Marketplace alternative itself, have gone through. The app lets its users install XAP files to their device via Internet Explorer, and that is why a fully unlocked WP7 is required in order for the app to work properly. The wallpaper collection in DS Marketplace is pretty impressive, and you can download these customized photos just like an ordinary picture from IE.

DS Marketplace is available as a free download, and you can grab the XAP file from the source link provided below. At the same link, you can learn more about the app, and future updates will also be available there.

[via XDA Forum Thread]

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