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Dual Boot ROM Support For HTC Desire HD Android Phone Now Available

htc-desire-hd.-stockThe HTC HD2 known as Leo, is a versatile device capable of running Android and Windows Phone 7 other then the native Windows Mobile. Even more, the phone is capable of dual boot. That was soon followed by the Droid Incredible and the Samsung Epic 4G Android devices. The latest addition to join the family of Android devices capable of dual boot is the HTC Desire HD, the successor to the HD2. No doubt Desire HD owners were in wait for this day, and now that it has dawned upon them, there are going to be some serious experiments. The dual boot support for the Desire HD has been made possible by XDA-Developers forum member michyprima who has developed this in a manner that would enable any avid Android user with a desire HD to boot up to 2 ROMs on the device.

According to the developer, “It is nothing more than a C-written executable which will start at your phone boot waiting for you to make a choice. When you choose, it will init the android you want. That lets you to have 2 android install, one on nand, one on sdcard, without booting through fastboot or switching boot.img.”

To get this working on your device, you need no fancy equipment, just an SD card and your Desire HD. A computer is obvious in case you thought otherwise. You will need to format your SD card to FAT32 and create ext4 partitions. Learn how to partition the SD card.

Now on to the big question, can you boot any two ROMs on the Desire HD? The answer to that is a really simple one, but if you were told that in order to run Sense based ROMs you needed to be running a Sense kernel, you would be asking, does running the Sense kernel mean you can’t run an AOSP ROM? The answer to that is no, you CAN run a Sense based ROM along with an AOSP ROM while being on the Sense kernel. So to rid you of any confusion so far, you can install whichever ROMs you want. The only drawback of using the Sense kernel is that being on an AOSP ROM, the Bluetooth will remain broken.

You can see a video of the Desire HD wielding its dual boot weapons, courtesy of the developer.

For detailed instructions on using this on your Desire HD and for further updates and queries, visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

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