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Dual Boot ROM Support Now Available For Samsung Epic 4G

Samsung_Epic_4GEpic 4G fans, brace yourself, for the Dual Boot option has arrived on the scene! What does this mean? It means you can now have the option to boot into 2 different ROMs when booting up your device! Please don’t take it as an insult to your intellect, if you already knew that, not everyone’s a tech freak. That said, credit for making this possible goes to XDA-Developers forum member Rodderick who has also released an app called DualBoot Helper, to help you prepare your phone for flashing two ROMs.

There are plenty of reasons one would want to run multiple ROMs, and while multiple may not be an option here, even two will suffice if:

  • Test or try out different ROM’s without loosing your current ROM. (You could always make a Nandroid backup, and restore that, but that takes time and lots of space.)
  • For advanced users, you can mount the partitions of the other rom (be it SD card or internal) and fix bad apk files or messed up files.
  • You want to show off to your friends and claim to be the bigger geek.

Basically you can not narrow down the purpose of a dual boot system. Think of it as dual booting Windows 7 with Ubuntu. Everyone has their own reasons.

As for making all this possible on your Epic 4G, we won’t be posting a guide here, since it is best told by the developer. What we can tell you, is that that in order to get this running on your phone, you will need an SD card that is 2GB or higher, and a kernel that is compatible with dual booting. (Refer to this link for a compatible kernel.)

It is important to understand that the kernel must be supportive of both the ROMs you plan to dual boot. This means that you cannot run a Froyo based ROM along with a Gingerbread based ROM, so be very careful of that. As per the developer, and as per the fact that SD cards are slower then the internal memory, benchmarks comparing the two ROMs will hold no value since one of the ROMs will be installed on the SD card. Also, booting a ROM from the SD card will wear out the SD card much faster because of a more then usual read and write frequency.

Preparing your Epic 4G for this mod requires you to flash certain scripts and partitioning your SD card accordingly. You WILL loose all data on your SD card when you attempt to dual boot so do make a backup. Earlier we mentioned an app named DulaBoot Helper, this app will help you prepare your phone for flashing the two ROMs and consequently dual boot your phone. You can see a few screenshots of the app below courtesy of the developer.


For a detailed guide and resources on how to dual boot your Epic 4G, visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers. To download the DualBoot Helper app, click on this link. (Flash Zip and Convert Zip For SD Card do not work for now.)

[via xda-developers]

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