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Easily Create & Manage Your Website On The Go Using Weebly For iPhone

It might sound like a daunting task, but these days, creating a website or blog isn’t that difficult. Everything is automated for the user’s convenience, and thanks to services like Weebly, and even WordPress, you can create a new website in just a few minutes. Weebly, in particular, is so simple to use that you just have to choose a theme and domain name to have your site up and running. The service is now even more convenient, owing to the release of the new Weebly app for iPhone. Not only can the app be used to create new websites, it is also possible to manage existing Weebly blogs through this newly released iOS app. So, if you have always wanted your own blog, or have already got one via Weebly, head past the break to learn all about the service’s iPhone app.

Weebly iPhone Weebly iPhone Theme

If you have never used Weebly before, choose the New User option from the app’s welcome page. Once you have done that, you will be directed to choose a theme for your site. There are many good themes available in Weebly’s repository. Pick one and hit the Continue button. You have to remember, though, that if you choose a theme that is too fancy, your blog will be slow to load. After the theme has been chosen, you are ready to create your first ever blog post.

Weebly iPhone Text Editor Weebly iPhone Photo Editor Weebly iPhone Post

The editing area offered by Weebly is fairly simple, and is divided into separate sections for photos and text. Photos can be added to each post from the camera roll of your iDevice, or by shooting a new image straight away. You can  add captions and even apply filters to photos. The text editor is minimalistic, but houses all the necessary options needed for basic text editing and formatting. The images and text can be rearranged easily using the reordering buttons provided next to each. When you have finished the post, hit the Publish button in the top-right corner of the app. Note that Weebly also offers auto-publishing options for Twitter and Facebook.

Now comes selecting a domain name for your website. The app checks the availability of a requested domain name in real-time, and once you have found a name of your liking that is available, you are good to go.

Weebly iPhone Blog Weebly iPhone Stats

If you are already using Weebly, the app can be even more useful for you. Not only can you manage all your Weebly websites using the app, the Comments section lets you handle the feedback you get as well. In the Stats menu, you can view your site’s page views, but anything more advanced than that will require you to upgrade to the pro version, which costs $27.99 or $47.99 (depending upon the duration of the subscription).

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