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Easypad: Good-Looking Notepad App With Home Screen Widgets [Android]

Easypad is a simple-to-use notepad for Android that helps you quickly take notes on your device using some basic text editing tools and allows you to create/access notes through homescreen widgets that come in as many as six different designs and seven various sizes. You can add multiple pages to your notes, create new notes using templates, use various font sizes/colors to make your notes appealing and easily distinguishable and share notes with your online friends.


There are many alternative notepads and sticky note apps for Android already present in the Android Market, but Easypad has a design and quality of its own. Apart from a neat, clean and user-firendly interface, the app helps you manage your notes in a better way. While the app itself takes care of all your note taking needs, its widgets provide easy access from the homescreen.

To create new notes, launch the app, tap on the notes icon at the bottom, pick the ideal design and font size and tap on the green check button. In the text editing mode, you have buttons to edit your notes, clear all text and save/send notes . To edit your notes, tap the edit button (the one that looks like a speedometer). All your saved notes are displayed on the app’s homescreen. From within this screen you can delete notes one by one or all at once.


Let’s now take a look at the app’s widgets. To add Easypad widgets, long press on a vacant spot on your homescreen and select Widgets from the menu. Next, tap on Easypad and select the size of your widget along with its font size and design. Tapping on a widget takes you to the app’s editing mode. Widgets referring to notes with multiple pages show up with the last page that you added.


If you like Easypad, you can upgrade to its Pro version from within the app. Easypad Pro adds more widget designs and a few more features such as tags, text alignment, larger font size, integration with Evernote (if installed), auto-backup, option to clear notes from the notification bar and more.

Download Easypad for Android

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