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easyRing&Music For WP7: Stream SkyDrive Music, Download & Edit MP3 Songs [Free For Limited Time]

easyRing&Music for Windows Phone 7 lets you search and download songs in MP3 format, look for ringtones, listen to whole playlists created by other users, and even edit songs to make ringtones out of them. In short, if a thing is related to MP3, easyRing&Music can do just about anything with it. The app also provides a solution to a problem which has hounded Mango users for a long time, namely, SkyDrive music streaming. The app originally has a price tag of $0.99, however, the price is on a “pay if you want” basis for a limited time, that is, if you download the app’s trial version right now, you will be able to continue using it without any sort of time limitation.So, why exactly would you want to download easyRing&Music when the Marketplace has so many other good ringtone apps on offer for Mango phones? Well, for one thing, using the app is really easy, and in addition to that it just might have one of the biggest repositories of tones as compared to all its competitors, and the best thing is that the number of ringtone sources in the app is always on the rise.

easyRing&Music easyRing&Music Websites

The app serves three basic tasks; it lets you download MP3 tracks, edit them and stream music from numerous sources. You can browse for music and ringtones through particular sources (for instance, Amazon.com, Zedge.net and Myxer for ringtones), or use the universal search menu. The Sound Cloud menu lets you stream songs directly from the popular music service.

easyRing&Music SkyDrive easyRing&Music Search easyRing&Music MP3 Editor

If you have a lot of MP3 files stored in your SkyDrive cloud, easyRing&Music is just the app you need. In addition to streaming songs from SkyDrive, the app also lets you download them to your device.

The playlists menu lists all the aforementioned public playlists shared by other users. You can make your own additions to the collection as well. Arguably, the best part of the app is its MP3 editor. Using it, you can choose a particular time frame to extract from a song you have downloaded to easyRing&Music, and convert it into a ringtone. If you plan to use the app to play/stream songs on your device, we recommend enabling background play from the app’s settings menu.

As mentioned earlier, the app is available for free only for a limited time. Download it before the offer expires! The link provided below will take you to the app’s Web Marketplace page.

Download easyRing&Music

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